and their "War of Liberation" to save Planet Earth
from the negative Orion Greys and Draco Reptilians.

(Channeled 2011)

Greetings to the People of Planet Earth from the Andromeda Council:

We of the Star Systems and Planets of the Andromeda Council are your family and friends. We are here to let you know  your Planet Earth/Terra and all of your people are about to go through major changes, a major stage of growth, a shift-up in vibration, called "upliftment". It is a completely new vibration, new higher consciousness & awareness, a new existence for the first time in your Planet's history.

It is a cleansing, a rebirth, a transformation. It is a transition. For you on Planet Earth - it is a new beginning. Most important, it is simply an evolution upwards.

The process has already somewhat begun. Earth  is about to transform in vibrational frequency from its current 3-D solid matter form existence in the 3rd Dimension into the 4th Dimension/density reality, the vibratory rate one frequency faster than currently on Earth, as Earth's Solar System and Planet Earth are about to cross into the Galactic Equatorial Plane zone of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Overall, this new area of 4th Dimensional space is a place where matter has far less density and weight, an area of much faster and higher frequency energy vibration. It is also a Dimension where time will no longer have a hold on Earth Humans. From a 4th Dimension perspective, time doesn't exist, at least not the way Earth presently experiences time.

In addition, this area of 4th Dimensional space also has a 'Black Hole' with highly charged magnetic energies at its core. Earth's Solar System and Planet Earth will upon entry of this zone encounter the highly charged magnetic energies of this 'Black Hole' and feel its effects. Some of your Earth scientists, astrophysicists, call this area - a Galactic or Torsion Energy Wave.

The speeding up of this Solar System and its Planets, including Earth, due to the faster and higher frequency energy vibration rate of this area - their upliftment into the 4th density resulting in continued geophysical events and additional changes to Planet Earth - these changes are projected to start from the end of 2011.

The official beginning of 4th Dimensional Energy will begin to affect Earth's Solar System on 11.11.11 as it encounters the Galactic Equatorial Plane region - as a Universe and Galactic wide harmonic frequency -  will open and affect this whole area of space.

Whether people call this phenomenon a 'Stargate' or 'Portal, this area of faster, higher 4th Dimensional energy is real. This historic date of 11.11.11 begins the infusion of 4th Dimensional Energy onto your Planet. It will thereafter commence to affect Earth and its people in a positive, uplifting way.

The saturation of this higher frequency vibration will continue onwards from the end of 2011, through all of 2012, reaching full strength during the time frame of December 2012, then carry through to March 2013, when the final rotation of the 90 degree shift of Earth's crust happens with the present day East/West orientation of the continents moving into their new North/South orientation.

These changes are expected to settle down throughout remaining 2013, and will begin the completion of this cycle by the end of October, winding down in December 2013. With 4th Dimensional life officially beginning in January 2014.

During this time every living thing, from the largest to the smallest, will be offered the opportunity to change, to evolve, into 4th Dimensional life.

It is expected Earth will begin to settle into its new 4th Dimension vibrational existence, its new 4D life, after January 2014.

 Yes, Planet Earth will likely go through continued dramatic changes to its physical surface to get there.  But these events, as life changing they will be to both Humans and all life on the Planet, these changes are a normal surface cleansing and necessary within this process.   It is transformation as a natural part of evolution. 

Just like a woman's body changes, adjusts and expands, Earth too must go through its uncomfortable adjustments, its labor pains, and the momentary intense pain of child birth.  Mother Earth too must adjust and prepare  herself for this  new beginning, for her new life as a 4th Density world... a far more  colorful, vibrant and beautiful 4th Dimensional world.

Once Earth is vibrating within the 4th Dimension, Earth's remaining sentient inhabitants, including all Humans, will be forever changed.  They will manifest a variety of natural, multi-sensory abilities as never before experienced in Earth's history.  These new abilities include:  telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and levitation. For all of transformed Humanity - Human consciousness, Human life, will make a quantum leap in evolution.

Humans will finally experience and learn first hand about the truth & reality of their own Soul, about their true spiritual birth essence & origin.  4D Humanity experiences a true spiritual life - complete self awareness and cognition, total memory recall, clairvoyance, clairsentience &  greater natural harmony with others.

This will be a complete transformation of your Solar System.  A complete transformation of the Human Race on Planet Earth.   You will now have crystalline bodies, healthy, light filled with virtually eternal life spans.  And a beautiful way of living like you have never imagined.

This time in Earth's history will begin what many have described as a New Age of Enlightenment, literal spiritual awareness, living  & consciousness, an Age of true Human renewal.

1999: The Andromeda Council meeting on the Grey/Draco Reptilian occupation of Earth

In his renewed contacts starting September 2010, Tolec, the Earth based Representative of the Andromeda Council, states that the Andromeda Council informed him that the Council had met and decided on a War of Liberation of Earth, its Moon and Mars around 1999 Earth time.

The Orion Greys and Draco Reptilians were abusing the people of Earth, and beaming negative frequencies at Earth from Earth's Moon and from Phobos, a Moon of Mars.

The Andromedans had gone 357 Earth years forward in time and had discovered that if the Grey-Reptilians were allowed to go on with their abusive occupation of Planet Earth, its Moon and Planet Mars, the Grey-Reptilians would establish a "tyranny" in this sector of the Universe. The Andromedans themselves and a great many Star Systems would be affected negatively.

Therefore, the Andromedan Council decided to set aside the Law of Non-Intervention and wage a War of Liberation that has gone on for approximately nine years up to the 3rd quarter of 2011.

A War in Space

Andromeda Council Representative Tolec states: "a war in space, in many cases happening just outside of 'Earth space' over the course of approximately nine years of Earth time, is as of this third quarter of 2011 in the final cleanup phase. This war is finally over. Done. Finished.

“As Tolec for the Andromeda Council, I can tell you my colleagues had a long, hard, difficult war. I will add, this war is being won by 'The Good Guys' through the combined Forces of the Member Star Systems & Planets of the Andromeda Council, all of those with Earth and Earth Humans best interests in their hearts, minds & souls.

"This proxy war to free Earth, from thousands of years of negative energy bombardment, manipulation and control, was fought on behalf of Planet Earth - by Star System & Planetary Council Member Races of the Andromeda Council. Those Members that bore the brunt of the burden did the greatest amount of fighting, included: Arcturus, Tau Ceti, and Procyon. The contributions of the Procyon people were especially valuable because they learned the weaknesses of these malevolent menaces - they learned how to 'sniff ' them out & beat them. The people of Procyon have only just recently liberated themselves within the past 12 years in Earth time.

"So that the Council could intercede on Earth's behalf, extensive discussions were held, and a new Law was passed over-riding what is ubiquitously known as the 'Prime Directive' of non-interference. A conscious, collective decision was made by the Council to break precedent and do this... because Earth's people living a 3rd dimensional life just did not have the 4th dimensional physiology, knowledge, tools, or technology to win.

"This war was fought to secure the total freedom of Planet Earth and her people from the menacing interference of primarily two regressive Races: Reptilians from the Star System Alpha Draconis & Hydra, and a specific variety of renegade 'Greys' now living in the Orion Star System. These Greys are the original progeny of Zeta Reticulans, but who have not been home to Zeta Reticuli 1 or 2 in at least a few thousand years.

"Earth is not the only Planet they have terrorized. From what I have learned, there are at least another 21 planets that need to be freed from these menaces. Fortunately, they can be beaten, as indicated by the liberation of the Procyon people from these malevolent, self centered, self-serving... life draining entities.

"Note: of the Grey Races, the prime ancestor race - the original Reticulans from the binary Star System Reticuli - the ones who in their waning days exhibited awareness of themselves, their fallibility, and the fragility of life, and realizing the pending death of their Race - these original Zeta Reticulans not affiliated with the Draco Reptilians, were willing to share all they had learned. Due to their humility, the Andromeda Council intervened, stepped in and helped relocate them to a completely different Star System. These people, the original Zeta Reticulans, no longer live in the Zeta Reticuli Star System."

"All other known variety of renegade Greys causing problems on Earth are being dealt with, and are being removed from their underground & undersea bases on Earth, as are the Draco Reptilians. Their operational bases established for years on Mars, and Mars & Earth's Moon, have already been cleared out of these Beings.

"Likewise, about 5,000 'crossbreed', that is, the hybrid cloned Grey/Human life forms created by the Secret Government/Illuminati, who were programmed since birth, will need to be removed from Earth and deprogrammed so that they can evolve on their own into free thinking, as free willed Beings. And, since they will by then have become a new sentient life form, they will re-locate to their own new 3rd Dimension Planet.

"Back to the war: the primary reason for this war was to negate & eliminate the effect of what is believed to be thousands of years of negative energies constantly beamed to Planet Earth. This includes the etheric implant technologies utilized by the Draco Reptilian and Grey Orion Alliance that has kept many Earth Humans manipulated, controlled, and in a continued state of fear, anxiety & insecurity. It was to eliminate for good these malevolent entities who desired to continue to use, manipulate & steal people as a natural resource, and drain other precious resources from Planet Earth... all the while controlling and 'enslaving' a large percentage of an unaware and helpless Earth Human population."

Tolec concludes, "The Council felt Earth's people deserved an opportunity, a real chance to evolve on their own after thousands of years of manipulation, control and unaware enslavement."

2 December 2011: Further reasons for the Andromeda Council's continued work on Earth – since winning the war in space in defeating the Draco & Hydra Reptilian and Orion Grey Alliance.

The Council has been very busy, as evidenced by the work of our people from the Procyon Star System since late August 2011 - using highly pin-pointed, highly focused sonic beams to destroy the underground bases & tunnel systems in Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and others, to clear out the remaining Reptilians & Orion Greys on Earth. I, Tolec, have been saying this for ten straight weeks now (1 December 2011). Further, we are now progressively working in other areas around your planet to take out the remaining underground and undersea Reptilian controlled Bases. These include the two now destroyed undersea bases located in the Middle East, in the Gulf of Aden, and off of the coast of China, in the East China Sea. But, the United States had the highest concentration of these malevolent beings. That needed to be addressed first. Job done.

Therefore, our first concern, ever since our unprecedented involvement in the war in space, fighting for your freedom, has always been to see that Earth Human lives are set free, are safe, loved, and protected as each person on your planet makes his/her own journey in life. Our first reason to get involved was, and still is, to eliminate once and for all the years of disruptions from malevolent Reptilians & Greys in their continued attempt to rule the Earth & manipulate its people who have been at risk far too long. We are now working for Humanity's sake to provide the final 'clean-up' help it needs to rid these malevolent entities from your world. Earth & Humanity has a right to be free. You have the right to be free & sovereign and to enjoy the peace, awe & beauty of the new 4th dimensional world that awaits you.

We will also be here for you, "in person" as you say, when the moment is right, to provide whatever knowledge or assistance you desire based on choices you will make as Earth & her people evolve into 4th dimensional life. To evolve into 4D life, just experience it here on Earth as it happens. Simple. Seamless. Direct. Nothing more.

Washington, DC, 2011 – There is to be no “False Flag” ET attack as planned by Negative E.T.s

Regarding the possibility of a future “False Flag” ET attack, Tolec has indicated: "The Andromeda Council is very aware of the - much higher than average - number of UFO 'sightings' over this relatively small area of land, Washington D.C., the seat of our Nation's Government.

"The Andromeda Council first showed me a grid, a network of underground tunnels, spreading out from Washington D.C. upwards toward the hills where the remaining Greys & Reptilians are still roaming around attempting to cause trouble. The Greys are currently positioning themselves at strategic underground tunnel locations at various points underneath the City - preparing for a coordinated 'False Flag', fake attack event. The Andromeda Council intelligence people are keenly aware of these activities.

"However, the Greys & Reptilians, are 'fighting for their lives', they know the game for control and power is slipping away, and is almost 'up'. They know the war is over. They know they have lost. They are 'playing their last hand'.

"Out of the total number of sightings, only a small percent are real physical craft. The percentages of holographic vs. real physical UFO craft are as follows:

Total UFO ships seen over Washington DC:

Grey and Reptilian holographic UFO ships: 65%
Dark Cabal/Earth-based UFO ships: 10%
Andromeda Council-based cloud-ships or orbs of Light: 13%
Grey and Reptilian physical UFO scout craft: 12%

"The Andromeda Council knows about this visual 'display' of craft, they are not overly concerned, they are monitoring this situation, and they do understand why it is being done in such a concentrated manner:

Saturation of UFO Visual Images in the Media

“The Reptilians & Greys, in collusion with Earth's “Controllers'/Illuminati/Dark Cabal”, in a last ditch attempt to incite fear into Earth's Human populace (having known for hundreds and thousands of years that Earth Humans have a very strong visual memory & and a very strong, emotional response & connection to visual memory) these malevolent entities are attempting to incite fear with this saturation of visual images of "UFOs" through the entertainment media (for instance, the Movie Industry is largely controlled by the Illuminati/Dark Cabal) is doing this summer, it is no different: producing, promoting & showing large scale movies of ETs invading Earth, or attacking Earth, blowing up cities, killing hundreds of people, etc..... [with television back-up: think "Falling Skies"] all in an attempt to promote a sense of fear.....and an attempt to retain control. An attempt.

"In summary, their plans are not going to work. An attack by the Greys and/or Reptilians, even a "False Flag" event - coordinated with help by the “Controllers/Illuminati/Dark Cabal”, a staged fake attack, will not happen.

"The Andromeda Council intelligence network already in place will advise the Council of any near future “Fake Attack” - and - right before it would happen our Andromeda Council people will intervene and shut down the process before it can even manifest or happen. That is to say, the Andromeda Council would “pull the plug”!

Tolec concludes, "As a result of the failure of this planned 'False Flag', fake attack event - the Greys & Reptilians in those underground tunnels are going to try to make a run for it, leaving D.C., flying to a centralized location of underground bases still operating here on Earth. Andromedan Council based craft of various types will follow and chase down the Greys & Reptilians to this central location, capture them, take them and put them into a Stargate..... and send them to the far reaches of the Universe. These are the same kind of actions the Andromeda Council has already used to get rid of, to relocate Greys & Reptilians at the tail end of the war in space."

End of the “New World Order” - Aftermath of the Orion Grey-Draco Reptilian War

A victory of the Andromeda Council Forces as reported by Tolec, if confirmed, means that now Planet Earth will not have to face any ongoing enslavement by the occupying 4th dimensional Grey-Reptilian force, or its 3rd dimensional rollout known as the New World Order (NWO).

The “New World Order”, having lost its galactic originators and backup in the negative Orion Greys and Draco Reptilians, appears to ultimately be at a dead end.

Tolec states, "It is known by the Chief Medical Officer, and staff, of the Medical Team of the Andromeda Council that a large percentage of Earth's population was unknowingly implanted and negatively affected by Grey etheric & physical implant technology... meant to keep Earth Humans in a state of anxiety, fear, manipulation and control.

"Though some physical implants have been found and removed by Earth physicians, at Earth's current stage of evolution and technology it does not yet have the means to detect, measure or eliminate the Greys' use of etheric implants.

"Now, in the final cleanup phase of this war, and beyond, for Earth's freedom, the Andromeda Council Medical Team is working tirelessly, and will continue to do so, to clean up the mess, the implants, the resulting spiritual, psychological & emotional impact & damage, and multiple problems the Greys have created as they have unlawfully sought to enslave an unaware Human population on this Planet.

"Earth's people have a right to a fresh, clean, new, beginning... free from the serious residual, psychological & emotional effects brought on by the Greys, the Reptilians, and all their technology."

Tolec concludes, "The healing process of the Human Race must continue, and will continue, throughout the transition & transformation time as Earth and her people move into the higher spiritual vibration of the 4th dimension... as healthy, free, sovereign Human Beings."

Frequently Asked Questions to Earth Representative Tolec - Updated: 12 November 2011

QUESTION: Are the Andromedans still scheduled to land & visit with us this autumn?

ANSWER: Yes, they are still scheduled to meet & visit with us. This will soon happen. And yes, now that our Solar System & planet Earth has begun to enter this expanse of 4th Dimensional energy beginning yesterday, 11.11.11, it becomes increasingly easier for them to visit with us. However, as you have recently learned, they are right now highly focused on their efforts to take out the remaining underground & undersea Reptilian Bases. The two most critical ones, the undersea Base in the Gulf of Aden, and now the undersea Base in the East China Sea have been destroyed. However, other less critical ones still remain around the globe that need to be dealt with, and removed. It is a top priority that these Bases be taken out to ensure the long term safety & freedom of all Humans on this Planet. And the people from the Procyon system are doing their best to wrap up this job as fast as humanly possible. This is one of their top goals.

Though please understand, I fully realize the process of waiting is difficult for us and them, since we all want to meet our space 'Brothers', 'Sisters', and 'Cousins' as soon as possible. However, in their hearts, minds & souls, the safety & freedom of ALL Earth people is their number one priority, even before they can take time to visit you. Securing our safety and freedom comes first. Therefore, at this moment in time I do not know exactly when they will finally introduce themselves to us by walking among us out in the open and speaking with us. I do know they are committed to doing this. They will do it. And they will do it as soon as it is safe for everyone involved. They plan to land unobtrusively and visit quietly with people in suburban cities, towns, parks, and the like. Simply have it in your consciousness, in your thoughts, that you want to meet and speak with them. This is all it will take. They will be open to your questions, and answer as many as possible.

QUESTION: How will Earth people change as we become new 4D Humans... once 2014 begins?

ANSWER: The most important thing to realize is that the transformation, the transition from 3D to 4D, from being a 3D person to being a 4D person will be a smooth, 'seamless', painless, process. This experience will be a simple transformation of cellular structure, from the slower, more dense, heavier, existing 3D vibratory rate body you have today - to a higher, faster, lighter, 4D vibratory rate. You will have a body that is taller, literally lighter in terms of mass, weight & density... about one tenth of what you weigh now.

Keep in mind, your body's molecular cellular structure will actually change. Think crystal based molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Your 4D body, the cellular structure of your 4D body, will be based on crystalline molecules. No longer carbon based, but crystal based. Within the core, the center of each cell, it will be infused with Light. Your 4D bodies will be somewhat translucent. This is a natural 4th dimensional state.

Everyone will be relatively tall & slim in stature. This is simply the nature of having a body composed of crystalline cellular structure. You will also be 'lighter' in terms of being infused with Light. Not opaque like you are today, not completely translucent, but to a degree translucent.

Your children will be transformed as well. But in terms of age appearance, they will continue to develop as young children into becoming young adults, only now along the adjusted, normal, 'time line' of thousands of years for 4th Dimensional people.

For most adults who choose to remain on Earth during this time of change, you will look approximately in the 32 -35 year old age range. In terms of height, for a comparison, an average 3D Male today at 5'10" the equivalent 4th Dimensional Male will be about 7ft tall, this is the average height for a 4D Man. A 5' 5" - 5' 6" 3D Earth Woman will likely be about 6' 2" when living a 4D life. An average 4D Earth Man will weigh in Earth terms about: 10-15 pounds. An average 4D Earth Woman will weigh about: 5-7 pounds. Everyone will be relatively trim, tall, slim in stature. Again, this is simply due to the nature of having a body composed of crystalline cellular structure.

In terms of overall health, 4D Earth Humans will be healthy, very healthy, full of Light. With your Solar System and Earth's migration into the 4th Dimensional zone of space, 3D diseases will all be literally eradicated.

QUESTION: If we are this healthy, and with the eradication of 3D Earth diseases, how long will we live as 4D Earth Humans?

ANSWER: You will like this answer. Typically, as you currently measure time on Earth, Human Beings living a 4D life spend a minimum of 6,000 years - to - a maximum of around 10,000 years living a 4th Dimensional life. Also understand, there are 12 octaves of awareness & learning in each Dimension, from the 4th Dimension on up. There is a lot to experience. Please keep in mind, the use of these numbers in years is to give you at least an approximation based on how Earth people measure time today. However, also keep in mind, the way you currently measure time on Earth - this will change once Earth becomes a completely 4D Planet. Watching, measuring, experiencing time... this will virtually go away. Plan for this to completely come into effect by January 2014. In any case, you will live very, very long lives... before you move on to the 5th Dimension.

QUESTION: If our current bodies are transforming into new 4D bodies, and you have said that 3D Earth diseases will be eradicated, what about those of us with bad or missing teeth, various syndromes, muscular dystrophy, ALS, cerebral palsy, or those people with mental illness; those of us who are back from the various Gulf Wars and Afghanistan with missing hands, fingers, arms, legs? What about all of us?

ANSWER: From the Chief Medical Officer of the Andromeda Council Biosphere, she says, "Many people have asked this kind of question. Yes. The transformation of your 3D body into a 4D body will eradicate the existing illnesses and all dis-eases; and your bodies including birth defects, various syndromes, your loss of limbs, bad or missing teeth, malfunctioning hearing or defective eyes, and old age - all of these will all be remedied. Again, remember, you are being transformed. You will have a full, complete, healthy body."

The composition of THE ANDROMEDA COUNCIL- As provided by Tolec, the Earth based Representative of the Andromeda Council:

The Andromeda Council is a Galactic Governance Council composed of selected Star System Representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of the populated and organized Universe. Its composition is as follows:

The chaired Members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve distinct representative Council Member Races.

The Council has a non-voting Chairman from the Star System Zenetae (from its Planet Tishtae), and a non-voting Vice-Chairwoman from the Star System Mirach (from its Planet Terial), both within the Andromeda Constellation. These two people, as do many on the Andromeda Council, live and vibrate in a 4th Dimension/density reality. There is one Council Member per seat.

Many of the Member Races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same Races that originally seeded Planet Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of Humans on the Planet today. It is said these Races have already been through the process of transformation, of upliftment - to the elevated vibration, density, and spiritual consciousness of the 4th Dimension.

Also according to Tolec, in relation to Planet Earth's present situation, the Andromeda Council has a number of "Biospheres" or large planetoid-like spherical spacecraft stationed on watch around Planet Earth. A typically sized Biosphere has a height of 26 stories and a staff of over 50,000.

Members of the Andromeda Council are from the Star Systems & Planets listed below:

1. Star System: Arcturus - Planet: Pitolla
2. Star System: Antares - Planet: Nikotae
3. Star System: M103 - Planet: Legola
4. Star System: Procyon - Planet: Kaena
5. Star System: Vega - Planet: Percula
6. Star System: Capella - Planet: Pershea
7. Star System: Polaris - Planet: Ventra
8. Star System: Sirius A - Planet: Toleka
9. Star System: Deneb - Planet: Ritol
10. Star System: Tau Ceti - Planet: Xeta (Galactic Federation's Lead Planet)
11. Star System: Alhena - Planet: Degaroth
12. Star System: Betelgeuse - Planet: Etorth

Members of the Andromeda Council, those who are not holding one of the senior 12 Chaired Seats, instead hold Advisory Board positions of: Investigation, Research, Deliberation, and Advisement to the Andromeda Council. They do this on thirteen unique, sub, Joint Councils or Advisory Boards. There are 5-6 people on each Joint Council or Advisory Board.

Collectively, these Advisory Boards represent in excess of 400+ representative Planets from three Star Systems, including Arcturus. Therefore, the majority, the greater percentage of the Advisory Board Members come from different Star Systems & Planets other than the Planet where a chaired Andromeda Council Member is from. There is a Chairperson, or otherwise named, to each Advisory Board. They are as follows:

1. Higher Dimensional Realm Advisory Board
2. Star System Membership Review Board
3. Galactic Federation of Planets Review Board
4. Exobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Sirius-Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)
5. Xenobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Procyon-Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)
6. Oceanography Galaxy Advisory Board
7. Space Travel Dimensional Flight Technology Review Board
8. Planetary Medical Advisory Board
9. Universe Education Observation & Advisory Board
10. Telepathy and Vocal Communication Observation & Advisory Board
11. Galaxy Sector Planetary Exploration Discovery & Assessment Team
12. Military Threat Level Assessment & Advisory Board
13. Spiritual & Emotional Mastery Dimensional Assessment & Development Board

According to Tolec, "There are also other affiliated Councils, or Races, some formal Members of the Andromeda Council, some not formal Members, willing to help the people of planet Earth in its process of evolution.

"One of the affiliated Councils is the Galactic Federation which is a federation of Star Systems and Planets of benevolent Beings. The Galactic Federation is comprised of approximately 140 Star Systems, and at present 300 Planets. It is lead by a Chairman from the Tau Ceti Star System which itself has a formal seat, and is a senior chaired member of the Andromeda Council. The Galactic Federation's lead Planet is - Xeta.

"It is expected over the course of the next few years as Planet Earth adjusts to its new life in the 4th Dimension - as well as being part of a greater family of intelligent life that is thriving across the Cosmos - Planet Earth will be invited as a single member to join the Galactic Federation."


The long established "Galactic Federation" holds the 10th membership seat of the Andromeda Council. It is one of the most esteemed & respected members of the Andromeda Council. It is and has always been based in the Tau Ceti Star System.

It has been a formal member of the Andromeda Council for at least: 5,000 years, as measured in Earth years. The Galactic Federation has its own Chairman & Vice-Chairman, and Council of five members: a high-ranking Commander, the equivalent of a medical Admiral, a senior xenobiologist, the President of the system-wide Education Board, and a high level Diplomat. The Galactic Federation is comprised of approximately 140 Star Systems, and at present 300 Planets. This number of planets rises and falls as certain ones join or leave the Galactic Federation to pursue their own interests.

For those Planets interested in joining the Galactic Federation, its primary interests are: trade, education, space exploration in general, and specific travel to other worlds so that people can live among others and have a true societal, cultural, language learning and knowledge exchange experience.

The above quotes are excerpted from the Andromeda Council Website, which you can visit at:

The New Earth - Book II