The Healing Chambers of the Neptune Mothership

From Steve Bekow's: “An Hour with an Angel”, 23 July 2012 -

Steve Beckow: Hello, and welcome to "An Hour with an Angel", with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of "The Great Awakening", and Geoffrey West of "Greenprint for Life and Cosmic Vision News".

I'm Steve Beckow and I will now leave it to Geoffrey West to introduce today's Guests:

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Steve. So, this evening we are going to attempt to reach out to an everyday member of our Galactic family to explore in his or her world exactly what it is that they do. What is it that an everyday Galactic Team Member might participate in? What might be the role of one or more of these particular individuals?

So, I'm going to be as much surprised as everyone else this evening, as to who may arrive. So, I'll turn things over to our Channeler, Linda Dillon for the Council of Love and our Guests, whomever this may be, who's going to arrive. Welcome.

Linda Dillon: Hi, hi, Geoff. It's Linda. And I think tonight's departure is going to be really interesting. As I've been sitting here meditating and getting ready for the show, I have been chatting with Ashira, Ashira of Neptune, who is in fact the Commander of UFOG, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. And of course he's also the Commander of the Neptune, the Mothership.

And what's been interesting - we've sort of been laughing, actually - is that he put out a call for volunteers to come and to speak to this issue tonight. And he was bombarded by, as you would call them, regular team members who were anxious to step forward and to talk about what their lives are like and what their everyday existence is like.

And so, what he thought would be interesting - and I agree, and I'll look for your approval - is to have maybe two individuals who have basically different roles. One of the things that he thought we would start with is someone who is what they call a Healing Technician, who works in the Healing Chambers, and then to have a person - and that is the way I think of them, because as you know I spend a lot of time on board ship - a person who is a Science and Officer or a Science Technician and working on one of the Explorer Ships. Of course I talk to Ashira on the Neptune all the time - but these are individuals that I have certainly never personally encountered, or channeled, so it's an adventure tonight!

So, with that, I'm going to step aside and ask our first Guest, who is the Healing Technician, to step forward, and then just for them to take turns and allow the questions to arise as they come up in your head — or your heart, for that matter.

Phalia: Welcome, I am Phalia.

Oh, it is my honour to be chosen and to have this opportunity, to speak to my Brothers and Sisters of Gaia. I am more like you than you think or suspect, for the Universe, the Cosmos, your Planet, our Fleet, it is not really composed simply of Leadership, although of course we honour and respect the role that is played by these Beings.

But it is the troops, it is the masses, it is often what you refer to as the "Worker Bees" - the Worker Light Bees! - that fill the days, the hours, and truly conduct the business, the operation, of the Fleet and of the Ship.

I am called Phalia, but I am also known as a Healing Technician. Now, that is our term, and I have been briefed by many in preparation for this evening, and so I wish to explain not only the term Healing but also the term Technician.

As you are aware, and as you have, each and every one of you, been invited to come to our Healing Chambers, what we call Healing Chambers, every night, every day, or somewhere in between - it matters not - the true Technician is a term that implies that I work with the energies, the Technology, and the people involved in each and every Healing that I am responsible for.

So, it is not simply what you would think of; you have X-ray Technicians, or Ultrasound Technicians - that is not my role. A Technician - and you will find that this term is used in the various Departments or Divisions - but a Technician is one who involves themselves in the activity of their Division.

There is no separation between what you would think of as Technology or Machinery or Energy Devices and the Technician themselves. But before we get to that, I would like to talk to you, each of us would like to talk to you, but I would like to talk to you about what my day is like on the Mothership and at home. I am from the Pleiadian Sector/Solar System.

There is a balance, always, between work and home and play - relaxation, family, friendships. And it is a balancing act, as each of you know and struggle with sometimes, but it is a balancing act that, within our lives and structures, is pretty much strictly adhered to.

Because this is an intense time, not only for you of Earth, but for we of the Fleet as well, it is important. And what we have found, conjointly - because although we adhere to the Regulations and the Rules, the Protocols of the Fleet, we also have mechanisms where we reach joint decision; so we are very Democratic in terms of how we proceed and how we operate - and by joint consensus, we have agreed that this balance of work and home, spirit, et cetera, is very important.

My day begins, if you are to think of - and each of us has been asked to think and to speak in terms of what you would call your day, your 24-hour cycle, which we are very used to, by the way, because we have been observing and working with you for hundreds of years - my day begins around 6 o'clock in your morning. And I am thinking and sharing with you about North America. We don't really adhere to time zones. But my day begins early.

I have two children - that you would think of as Family, and also a Mate. And so there is Family time and preparation for the day as we begin.

Now, our preparation is similar, but slightly different to yours. Of course, we cleanse, and we take time for Sacred undertakings to set the Energy, not only for ourselves and for our Family unit, but also for our Co-workers, for those that we will work with during the day, or on during the day, the projects that we will interact with, and for the peace and harmony of the Ship as well. This may sound minor, but it is something that is very important, to me. It is how I like to begin my day.

It is very rare that we would go to one of the Nourishment Stations, what you would think of as Cafeterias or Restaurants, I guess, to receive our morning nourishment. If any of us desired sustenance, we would simply receive it through the Replicator, which is like a Microwave where you can simply punch in what you desire.

I have a tea that I enjoy every morning that is a blend that comes from the Pleiadians. It is a reminder and the taste of home, which I'm sure many of you can relate to. My Children are young, and they spend their time in what you would think of as Daycare, which is very different from yours.

So, we take time in the morning, which is very important. Then I would proceed to my Workstation, which is on board the Neptune Mothership, although I have also worked and am assigned from time to time to the Healing Ships that are in orbit around your Planet as well.

One of the things that you may not know is there are many Healing Ships - and I have been given permission to share this information - there are many Healing Ships that have been stationed very close to the Earth because the demand for the Healing Chambers and the Healings that we are so glad to share and offer to you has increased so dramatically - which is an honour and a joy to us because it also means that the Human Collective is not only accepting us, which we are so anxious for, but is also getting ready to let go of many of their old belief systems or injuries, emotional or mental or physical, or spiritual - we do not particularly differentiate between these, but I digress.

And so I arrive at my Healing Station about a quarter after seven, and what you would think of as my shift would go from seven-thirty to, depending on the day, and it is a day that runs up to two-thirty or three-thirty. And we have a few breaks in there. And what I do, because I am in charge of my particular station and my day, management of my day, is that I prefer to take 15 to 20 minute breaks in between what you think of as Clients or Patients or those receiving the service.

So, I arrive slightly early that I may not be feeling rushed as I begin my day. On average, I would have about, Oh, several, sometimes as many as ten, depending on the severity of the situation that we are working with. And, although I am the one responsible for this Healing Station, I would also have two other Healing Technicians with me and available to help me or to assist me or to do as I request or direct, as you would think. So I manage this station.

If you are to visualize what my Station looks like, it is a Healing Chamber has been described to you before, but I do not think, or I am not aware, that the entire Chamber has been described to you.

There is an Antechamber where the person, the individual - and generally it is an individual that I am working on; that is my responsibility, and my pleasure, because I have received a great deal of training in this area; all of us have, you know, and that may be a question for you which you may wish to pursue - but there is an Antechamber where the person is relaxing and preparing for the, what we think of as a Gift of Healing, a procedure of healing, much like within your Doctors or Hospitals, like you would receive information on the person or the individual and what they are perceiving as what they wish to have healed.

Now, during that time, what you can think of as the Interview time, there is discussion and disclosure about what is really going on with the Patient, not to the point where we would ever challenge that individual's perception of what they think or feel or believe, but there is some activations that take place for other considerations to come into play.

So, for example, if one comes in and we are going to - We work on many different species, and all of the Fleet - and yes, there are times when they require Healing, and I would like to address that as well - but say a Human has beamed up or been welcomed aboard, and they feel that they have a difficulty with their Heart, with that organ that they call their Heart. And they may think it is a blockage or high blood pressure or stress or any palpitations or arrhythmia.

They may come forward to us expressing this desire for that healing to take place. But we would always have the further conversation of, "What do you think in your Life may be causing this?" What is in your History - and it is not just what you think of as your Medical History, but your Personal History, both current and perhaps Past Life - that you think is activating this irregularity, this departure from perfection?

So, there is that kind of conversation that takes place in preparation, and when we are asking the questions we are transmitting Energy already from our Being to that Being so that the opening to Healing is already occurring.

Now, one of the primary differences that happens when we are working with individuals coming to the Healing Chambers is, unlike Earth, particularly what you think of as Third-Dimensional Earth, most of the individuals who arrive are truly prepared for Healing. That is not so on your Planet, because often people are coming and they are saying, "Fix this," but they are not really prepared to address or receive the Healing because the core issues of Love or Self-worth have not been cleared. The debris is being held tightly.

So, we do not have that same challenge, although we do encounter it now and then, but it is a rarity. But the Activation begins in the Antechamber, in what you would think of as the Reception Room, although it is far more embracing than anything we have viewed - because we study your Medical Systems, your Alternative Medical Systems, and your, what you think of as Healing or Specialty Hospitals. We are very familiar with this. It is part of our ongoing research and education.

Now, outside the Healing Chamber there is also what you would think of as our Workstation, which, to many of you, would look as if it is a very High Tech situation. Because there are what you would think of as computer screens, a great deal of technology. For the Frequency, Light, Sound Attunements or adjustments, there is a constant scanning of the not only the Physical body that is on the table, but the Auric Fields as well, the Eight Fields that the Human Beings and most Beings carry.

So, it looks - although it is very High Tech, there is also the Energy Transmission that is taking place. So let us be clear, as Healing Technicians we are not only operating the Technology, we are also Master Healers, and we bring our Healing abilities to the individual. And that energy flows in addition to what we are also using as Technology.

And as I have said, there are three of us within the Technology Room or Chamber. Then there is the Healing Chamber itself, and it is quite pristine. The Healing Tables — you have X-ray tables, we have Crystal beds. But the Crystal has been treated so that it is soft, it is pliant, it is gentle, so that the person does not feel as if they are lying on a bed of rock. Quite the contrary, it cocoons them.

And this is a combination of the treatment that is given to the Crystals, because they are the Magnifiers or the Transmitters of the Energy that is sent into the Chamber. But it is also treated with layers of Light and Frequency that make the person feel as if they are cocooned or lying on a cloud, or on a very gentle bed, but - gentle but supportive bed, so that as soon as they lie down they begin to feel a release and a relief from their aches and pains, whether it is physical or emotional.

So it is a very Healing environment. The wall - one wall is - you would see it as a window that you would be able to see the Healing Technicians, so that there is not a sense of separation from us. And then the far wall is completely glass, so that the individual is also seeing and being caressed by the Universe, by the Stars, and by the Ships that are floating or coming into port, as it were.

The other, the third wall, is simply made up of Light and Colour and, again, textures that are inviting and soothing. And then of course the fourth wall has that as well, but that is also the door to the Antechamber.

So, I wish to give you a visual of what our Healing Chambers look like. When someone is cocooned and prepared and one of us, one of the Healing Technicians - not always myself, but often - prepares and is in the Chamber with the individual getting them ready and making sure that they are comfortable, then the Healing Technician comes back into the Technology Center and the person lying on the table, the Crystal table, begins to receive first very gentle Laser lights of colour.

These are colours and spectrums that are known on Earth but also broader spectrums of Light and certainly combinations also, and each of these are programmed specifically to what the diagnosis is, which is done as soon as the person is lying on the table. The information that we have gathered in the Antechamber is added to a Scan, that we have talked to you of, of the individual so that we are very clear in pinpointing the maladies or what you would think of as imbalance.

Then, very gently, we begin to penetrate the individual, not just to the field or to the organ, but completely - all fields, all organs, all bodies are beginning to be penetrated with Light of various spectrums. And within that Light is Sound, again attuned to what is the issue. And then within that is more Light. And within that is also what we would call Frequency Adjustments or pulsations. And this varies depending upon, again, what the individual needs.

You have some Technology that we have introduced, through our Star Brothers and Sisters already on your Planet, into your Alternative mostly Healing practices that include Laser Colour or what you think of as Colour Therapy or Sound Therapy. The Rife machine would be one example.

The person is usually - and it varies - harder, softer, stronger, gentler, depending on the comfort level of the person and depending on what they require and what they are responding to, because the Scans of the individual are constant.

We in the Technology Center are receiving constant feedback from the person on the table and adjusting not only the energy we are sending and perceiving from them, but also what our Technology is providing.

The sessions are usually around 20 to 25 minutes. If it is a critical situation - which we would say is when the Life Force almost absent, would be what you would consider Intensive Care - would be at about 45 minutes, very rarely to an hour. Because that is what the Being, and particularly a Human Being, can absorb.

Depending on how they are doing at the end of the session, they either can rest on the Crystal table and continue to receive ambient Sound and Light. But we do not bombard them any longer. The penetration is very gentle at that point, it is like listening to music after you have had a massage. And if they need to stay there and rest, we simply go to an alternate Healing Chamber. From our Technology Center, we have access to three Healing Chambers. So, they can either rest there or they can go to their own chamber, if they are on board ship, or can be teleported back to their bed or to their own residence.

This continues throughout the day, as I say. Usually, when I take a break I will go to the Collective room for my own Restoration. Sometimes I will set the frequencies and lie on the table myself and allow one of my Colleagues to help me boost up, as it were. But I will always go and take some sustenance, whether it is sheer energy or what you think of as food.

On board ship, we have many choices of where to eat, if we choose to eat, and what kind of food, because we have a great variety. But I want to share with you tonight, and thank you - you are going to laugh - but one of my favourite foods from Earth is Corn Flakes. They are not just a breakfast food here, they can be munched on at any time, and we find them quite delightful.

So, that is an encapsulation of my work day.

After work, at two-thirty or three-thirty, I retire to my Chamber. The difference between two-thirty and three-thirty, and sometimes longer, is we have what you would think of as In-service Training, where we are learning, updating, sharing information, sharing about the progression of our primary considerations - which are the Earthlings at this point - or just learning new information.

Then I would go to my Chamber and rest for a little. The Children can be brought home, or I can pick them up. Our Motherships are completely safe, so it is not unusual for children to be guided home, particularly if they are an age where they like to go exploring. And the exploring is welcome, as this is their Home.

We always have Family time at night, but also share in Communal time. Sometimes it is Sacred undertakings, and sometimes it is just sheer entertainment - Films - well, what you would think of as Films, although we have been watching some of your Earth Films as well. They are amusing and sometimes quite scary. We do not like the scary ones, and we do not have a preference to that, but it also helps us understand some of your mindsets.

But very often we will simply remain in what you can think of as our own Home, our own Apartment. We don't use the term Apartments very often, because these are our Homes, and have been for a long time. They are individualized. They are our Sacred Space. They are the place where we nurture each other and come together, where we discuss our days.

Does this give you, my fellow Friends of Earth, a snapshot of who we are? We dress in uniform to go to work, by the way. No, it is not a requirement, but again the consensus is it is simply easier. And we are proud to wear our uniforms, our UFOG uniforms.

Do you have questions before we proceed, dear Geoffrey? Ge-of-fray?

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Phalia. For the benefit of those who will be sharing the words of what you have shared with us, may I ask the correct spelling of your name?

Phalia: PH A L I A, Phalia.

Geoffrey: Okay, great. Thank you. You have addressed to varying degrees the Concept of Healing, and I think that was my primary question really, as so many people have heard that there is no such thing as illness or disease up there. And you have elaborated that you go to some of this Healing, although you probably do not think of it a Healing, more than perhaps just receiving a little boost in Energy, to keep the flow going. Would that be a correct way of..?

Phalia: Yes, that is a correct way. But also know that we are very concerned. Just as we have a theme of maintaining and adhering to Balance in our Life and our Lifestyles, as you would call them, we also have a huge emphasis, and it is considered each Person's right to have perfect Balance and Full Life Force Energy.

There are times, there have been - we listen to your Shows, you know, and we enjoy them enormously, by the way - so, you have had times where you have talked about the inter-association, or the exchange, with the Intergalactics or the Galactics, and what that does to us.

There are times when we have had these exchanges where those who are assigned, for example, to Earth, or even to the Healing Ships that are now hovering around Earth, where they need an Energy Boost or Attunement. Because the experience - no, we do not see you as cruel or hurtful - but the Energy that still is pervasive, as you know, upon your Planet during this time of change. There is a great deal of chaos, there is still some very disruptive energy, so those particularly on those types of assignments will come for this readjustment, and it is considered very important. It is as if you are working in a Radioactive environment, you would go through the shower at the end of the day to make sure you are not carrying any of that residue upon you.

Similarly, if there is a Fleet Member that has been assigned to work with Archangel Michael or who has been assigned to address some of the Earth Military Arsenals or the dismantling of those Arsenals, those are very toxic environments. And so, when that happens, or when they have accompanied Michael for example, to assist - and they are assisting far more than Humans are aware of, and I am permitted to say this - for example, in Egypt or Syria, or even in this past few days in your area known as Colorado, when they return, they will receive the - it will not be a full, it will be 15 to 20 minutes your time in the Healing Chamber so that they are refreshed, renewed and prepared to go back and continue the work that is so important.

You don't always know how we are helping you, and this is one of the ways in which we are assisting. The Healing Ships that are positioned very close to Earth, they have almost a revolving door. The Technicians that are volunteering and clamouring to do this work are excited at the assignments, but they are also very aware that they need the Rebalancing at the end of their day so that our Balance and Harmony within our Families and our Communities and on-board ship are maintained.

So, the thought that we immediately - because we are Fifth or higher Dimensional Beings, that we do not get any on us, is not quite correct. So, we take all precautions. But we also do it the same way you will go to have a Healing or a Sound Treatment or a Colour Therapy, a Massage, a Reiki, a Lao Chi, simply because you want to cherish yourself and nourish yourself. We do that all the time.

Geoffrey: That sounds absolutely wonderful. I guess we really want to try and get one of our other Guests on quickly. But maybe one very quick question if you would be gracious, Phalia.

Many people, I'm sure, have been visiting the Motherships and the Healing Centers during the night, but maybe they're not consciously aware of it. And I have that sensation myself. Are there tangible signs that people can look to in their worlds to know that they perhaps have been worked on?

Phalia: Well, the most tangible sign, and understand that you have need - our protocol is that of course you must ask to be beamed up to the Ship, whether it is at night or during the day it matters not, to be worked on. We do not just simply take you. That would be against Universal Law, and we are very fussy about that.

But the tangible sign is that you feel better. Now, if it is a physical ailment, one of your tangible signs might be that, in fact, if it has been a, more of a surgical intervention - and yes, we do do surgery as well; that is another topic, but you may feel a little stiff, stiffer than normal, as if you have been worked on very deeply, and yet a higher sense of well-being that increases throughout the day.

You also might have dreaming or night visions that are filled with what you think of as - well, certainly the Star Screen that is the window to the Healing Chamber, because what we often find with the Humans is they immediately turn their heads to the Left and watch out of that window, but also visions in your daylight, daytime waking hours, when you close your eyes, as if you are in a sea of misty colour, or very bright colour, and colours that you really wouldn't normally think of.

Or when you are meditating in your fields that you look for an issue or a blockage that has been there and it is no longer there. In fact, what it feels like - and this is consistent - is that it feels like a distant memory. So it is the sensation, "Oh, yeah, that used to hurt," or, "I used to have a bad knee," or, "I used to feel very heavy about my past relationships. I used to think that I would never find Love, and the heaviness is gone."

But one of the things you may also ask for, because Healing is a very broad, very broad definition in our perspective, you may ask for the Restoration of your Conscious Memories. Now, this is not a simple yes or no. It is a discernment amongst the three Technicians and yourself, and your Spiritual Guides by the way, who also accompany you to your Healing session, you know, who decide how much, how fast.

Because it is always for your Greatest Benefit, for what you think of as your "Highest Good". But you may ask for those Memories as well. That is part of your Healing, it is the remembering.

We want you to know us. Sometimes, we are very anxious because we tend to you night after night, because we have a consistent group of Clients. It isn't just first come, first served. If we begin to work with you we continue to work with you, because we believe that sense of continuity, of caring, of connection is very important.

We want you to know us, not because we want praise or thanks or gratitude, but because we are connected, we are a Team. And we give you our Heart space and our Love.

Geoffrey: Well, we certainly are - at least I, myself, I think I can say at least myself, but I'm sure many of us, all the Listeners, are very anxious and looking forward to meeting and connecting with you as well, Phalia. And I'm sure that those who have been receiving healing from you and your Teams are most appreciative of that. And for whatever I have received I am in profound gratitude to you and your Team, and I look forward to connecting with that.

And I think, with some of the time we have left, maybe we should try to welcome one of the other Guests briefly?

Phalia: Yes. I will step aside, and I invite you to come and visit me and my Family soon, Dear Heart, very soon. Farewell.

Geoffrey: Thank you, Phalia. Blessings to you.

So, while Linda re-establishes connection to the next Member of our Galactic Team who will be joining us, we hold gratitude and Love to all the people, the Healers aboard the Motherships who are doing their part to assist us in the Transformation. And I reach out now to speak to our next Guest. And, welcome:

Serenia: Welcome. I am Serenia. It is my Joy, my Honour to join you all tonight. I do not even know where to begin. Like Phalia, I am originally, and still am, of course, Pleiadian. That is my Home Planet. I am an Explorer and a Scientist, and a Communicator as well. Much like many of you, I do not simply wear one hat.

You know much about our Technology and about what is going to be made available to you. What I thought I would share, to start with, seeing Phalia has so clearly talked about the routine of her day, is to speak to you a little bit about what I do, but also about what I like to do.

I am an Explorer. And I am a Scientist, and I am a scientist that deals very often with Communication Technology. And that is why I am also considered a Communication Technician as well as a Science Technician, and sometimes a Science Officer. But I speak to you as one of the masses. And I speak to you about my experience, and something that many of you have thought about on Earth.

My Twin Flame resides on Earth. He is one of you - yes, on Special Assignment, a Brave Heart Soul who one day will return to be by my side. And while the yearning on both our parts has been tremendous, we both do this Service, each in our own way, each in our way of Iintegrity and Love, because we are serving a Higher Purpose.

And that is also part of the Balance that sweet Phalia has spoken of. Many of you know or believe or sometimes have an inkling that your Beloved Twin Soul may well be on board a Mothership. It is more common than you think. The reason why I mention this is not to tug at your Heart strings, it is to give you reassurance that we are as aware as you are, that we are as committed and continue to be as committed as you are, and that we know probably more clearly than you do that the day will come when that Reunion will take place. And even more important than the singular Reunions, the time will come shortly when we will walk the Earth not as Aliens or Invaders or Fearful Beings, but as Friends, as Brothers and Sisters that we really are.

And, yes, we bring Gifts, but we also come in observation, in quiet assistance. We never bring anything to Earth, or offer any Technology - whether it is Communications Technology, Health Technology, Technology that will be Free Energy, that will help you Teleport or transport, to build, to construct your future Cities of Light - we will never bring anything forward that you do not request and want. We will never impose what we have learned elsewhere upon this beautiful Being, Gaia.

So, we enter into a Co-creative phase. Not only are you in Co-creation with the Celestials, with the Council of Love, but with us as well.

I have a variety of tasks that I work with in terms of my Assignments as Science and Communication Technician. And one of the things I do is we monitor all of your, what you would think of as, communications upon the Earth, your telecommunications, your media communications, the communications that come - what you would think of as "secret" between Governments, the Military. We do not do this to be intrusive, we simply do it quite literally as monitoring, to see the progress.

And sometimes what we do is we inject into these Communications, particularly the ones that are more of the old Third Density paradigm, we inject Energy that is a softening agent. We do not go overboard, but if you observe some of the more radical Communication Networks, you will see that they're beginning to soften slightly.

Now, some of them, you would say, "Oh, no, Serenia! That is not so! They are becoming more vociferous, more rabid in their rantings!" We would not talk that way, but you do. But understand that, as they are doing that, it is because their issues, their debris is coming up and out for cleansing. So, you are not just cleansing individually, you are also cleansing Networks, Governmental structures, anything to do with Communications and Communications Technology.

Now, the New Communications Technology we feel you will welcome with open arms. Yes, it is all Free.

I wish also to talk to you about what I do in my Ships, plural. Yes, because I am part of a Technical Team, and if we are on an Explorer Ship there are usually about 20 or 22 of us, and each of us performing different tasks. Of course, some are responsible for the manoeuvring, or what you would think of as the flying, of the Craft.

We take samples not only of your communication but your soil, your water. We bring it back on board ship for analysis to see what micro-nutrients can be helpful to Earth, how the adjustments can be made energetically. We are working with the eradication of what you think of as your major diseases - Cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, many of diseases - Leukemia, all your psychological or mental diseases. So, we collect information, again, not ever to interfere, but that we are developing Tools, Technology, Healing modalities, adjusting things on our side so that as we are welcomed to Earth our information and what we have to offer is the most current, it is the best.

So, there is a great deal of back-and-forthing, and collaboration, and collaboration of course amongst we who are Intergalactics and the Galactics, but also collaboration with some of the Ascended Ones, also collaboration with some of your Earth Scientists. Especially the Physicists are very aware of how this works and are really quite eager to work with us. Yes, they often do so in secret. That does not matter. We are still happy to engage with them and to share information.

In many situations that is how we have planted technology or information or understanding upon the Earth. It is not always one of us who is incarnating, although there are a number of Walk-ins as well. But there are Beings who are very actively working with us in terms of developing new ways of being, co-creative ways of being.

For fun, I often like to go home, and actually go home to Electra, what you would think of as going to the beach or going to the mountains. I take my Scout Ship, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, and we go and we relax. Our relaxation is very similar to yours.

Very often you think that you take days to unwind. Because we are at a different frequency we do not have to do that, so it is much easier for us to take time out than it is for you. But that maintaining of the balance of not working because we are excited - We Love what we do. That is something that is different from Earth, that we are looking forward to the Great Changes, because there are far too many upon Gaia who are actually working at things they don't like. That is a puzzle for us, and it is also a situation that needs to be rectified.

But we are also prepared to teach you, to share with you, invite you, and even twist your arm, to come and play with us - on Earth, in the Stars, to go exploring, to go to the Pleiadian sector. This is what we want to do. It is not just about the Earth Shift, it is not just about the Dimensional Shift, it is also about the Restoration of our partnerships, of our Families, and about you understanding and then helping to co-direct how we work together. Because yes, we have leadership, and yes, believe you me, we know how to take orders.

We have been on High Alert far too long not to know how to take orders. But generally speaking, consensus, this is something the Earthlings need to learn, is how to work through consensus and how to truly communicate. That is my future task. That is the task that I will be fully involved with, joyously. I cannot wait.

How do we communicate in ways that do not make one person right and the other wrong? One person in charge and the other person subservient? How do we work together? How do we communicate how we truly feel and what we really know, together?

That is what I anticipate and cannot wait for.

Do you have questions of me, Geoffrey?

Geoffrey: Thank you, Serenia. Two questions. One related a bit more to your Relaxation time, and one relating more towards your duties with regards to Science. I'll do the Relaxation question first.

You talked about going on your Scout Ship when you and your friends go to relax. And it - I'm kind of assuming, and I may be wrong here - you'll need some kind of a Portal to move your craft to the space where you can go to Electra, that you have identified. Is the Sun the Portal that you use for your transportation, or is there another one?

Serenia: There is another one. What we use is "White Holes". You know, you are very familiar with "Black Holes", but you are not as conversant with White Holes. And White Holes are Portals throughout the Universe that allow us to travel in that way.

Geoffrey: So, these would be what might know from Science Fiction as "Wormholes"?

Serenia: Yes, that is correct.

Geoffrey: And our Science - the Scientists that are on Earth right now, in NASA and certain branches of Government, they are aware of the existence? Because I guess they have announced recently that they are aware that Portals exist. Is this...?

Serenia: They are very Aware. They have been aware for a long time. But they are beginning to share the information, and that is good.

Geoffrey: Excellent. The question about Science: now, certainly here on Earth we have gone through in our education systems the physics, the chemistry, the biology of our Three-Dimensional Sciences, and we're being introduced now to the Higher Science of Quantum. Are there levels of Science that you deal with that go even higher than Quantum? Or are there variations to the Quantum Science that you could perhaps help us to understand?

Serenia: Think of it as variations to Quantum. Think of it as, because we do not see the end of our Research or the end of our Development, so think of it as stretching out. So, yes, you can think of Quantum-1, you are at about Quantum-1, and we are at about Quantum-12 or 13.

So, our understanding - because all Quantum Science really is about Energy and how Energy works, and how it can be harnessed, manipulated, cooperated with. Which is something the Earth has not fully understood, although you are beginning to, how it can be worked with in terms of understanding the Universe and the structure, mechanics and operation of this magnificent Creation.

Geoffrey: So, Quantum-1 is the form of Science that is existing in the latter period of the Third Dimension. Would Quantum-12 be a level of Science that has greater comprehension in a much higher Dimension? So, for example, are there levels of Quantum that go through the different Dimensionalities of experience?

Serenia: Yea and no. Certainly Quantum-12 takes us within the entire Realm of Interdimensional Reality, what you would think of as your 12 Dimensions. But also remember within each of those 12 Dimensions there are also 12 Sub-Planes, so it is more complex than you think.

So, the short answer is Yes. But what we really do when we are thinking in terms of Quantum-12 is we are working with the essence of the Creation Codes.

You are at a point - and I am not just talking about your Quantum understandings - you, as Human Beings, are beginning to understand about the Energy and the Quantum nature of Creation Codes from the Heart of the One, the Source. When you are at Quantum-12 what you are doing is you are within the Creation Codes themselves and formulating the particles in tandem with the One.

Geoffrey: Well, it seems we've received our cue to end this Show, Serenia. I'm sure we will be following up with this. I'm sure a lot of questions are going to start coming. So, thank you for sharing your time with us.

Serenia: There are so many of us that would be happy to do so. Go with my Love. On behalf of all of us, Farewell...

Geoffrey West: Farewell, Serenia.

So, we've had a wonderful visit from Phalia and Serenia sharing their Lives, a Day in the Life of Galactics. And we will certainly be continuing this theme more as time progresses.

Until this next moment of Now, be Well, be Peace. Farewell.

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