The NIBURIAN 9th Dimension Council

The Anunnaki ("Astronauts"), also known as the Nibiruans (of the Battlestar/Planet Nibiru), a major power on Earth after the Fall of Atlantis and through their Sumerian Civilization, are frequently referred to in the Galactic Federation messages as the "Secret Government" or "The Illuminati", and more recently as the dark influence behind the Dark Cabals secretly ruling Earth. The Nibiruans controlling us were essentially 4th Dimensional Beings who badly needed to exploit our gold mineral resources in order to form an anti-radiation belt araound their Planet Nibiru. They presently regret their interference in Earth's affairs and now wish to restitute as much as they can the damage done. They themselves are ultimately controlled by their 9th Dimensional Nibiruan Council under their leader, Devin. The Planetary-based Nibiruans, presently on the Fourth Dimension, are awaiting their own Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension, having themselves only recently joined the Galactic Federation of Light. As a result of their past actions towards Earth by some of their former Niburian Leaders, they now collectively wish to assist us in our forthcoming Ascension as a part of a re-balancing of their Karmaic ties with us.

An additional point of interest in the 9th Dimension Council's following messages which we now present here, is a reference to the mobile Planet Nibiru's possible close passing-by of Earth. This has often thought by some esoteric communicators on Earth to be the celestial agent for the predicted Earth Changes coming through a close approach by Nibiru which would cause a disturbance of our orbital axis by a celestial body well over four times the size of Earth. The 9D Nibiruan Council addresses this possibility in their Update of July, 2002, transmitted through Jelaila:

The Transits of Nibiru

"Held in your collective consciousness are memories of great cataclysms that occurred with the previous passings of Nibiru through your Solar System. Some created great havoc on your world as well as the other planets and some brought only minor changes. Why such diverse experiences? Why is one passing less upsetting than another? It depends on two variables, Earth's orbital position in relation to Nibiru when it circles your Sun, and your Planet's overall level of consciousness. Allow me to explain. Nibiru's circuits your Solar System in the opposite direction of the remainder of the Planets. Nibiru possesses a very strong magnetic field, the strongest of all the Planets in your Solar System. As Nibiru passes, its magnetic field can lock onto the magnetic field of a nearby planet and, based on its proximity, Nibiru can literally whip that planet about on its axis. Of course, the larger the planet and its magnetic field, the less powerful the effect Nibiru's passing will have on it. In regards to Nibiru's transit of Earth, if Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun from Nibiru when Nibiru passes around the Sun, the effects of its magnetic field are neutralized thus causing very little change on Earth. If Earth is in close proximity of Nibiru when it nears the Sun, Nibiru's magnetic field being much stronger than Earth's can be catastrophic depending on the degree of proximity: that is if the second variable does not negate it.

"The second variable, that of a planet's dimensional status or level of consciousness (they are both terms for the same thing), has been a key factor in your collective experiences of Nibiru's transits by your Planet. As we have taught, your Planetary level of consciousness is determined by the collective overall state of consciousness of the Beings that reside upon or in it. In quantum physics it is understood that when two frequencies inhabit the same space the lower frequency is pulled up by the higher frequency. If you are at the same Dimensional level as Nibiru you will not be adversely affected. If you are above Nibiru's level you will be teaching your former "parents" a few things. If you are at a lower level than Nibiru you will experience greater changes.

"At the present time your World is experiencing unprecedented elevations in consciousness. You are evolving at a pace that is beyond any expectations we have previously had. We have been involved with your evolution since before your inception as a Planetary Race. We have been overseeing the Divine Plan called the "Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration" of which Earth is the present stage. This experiment is of the highest nature, an experiment in which it is hoped that through the combined experiences of all Souls participating, Light and Dark can be integrated in all their various forms, male/female, love/fear, black/white, etc. Grand Experiments are only attempted once the Souls playing in the Universal Game have experienced enough of each polarity to be able to integrate. There have been 3 Universal Grand Experiments of which your current experiment is the third.

"Since "Free Will" is a major component of each experiment we do not control the outcome. Instead, we plan for all possibilities and make adjustments based on the choices you make as individuals and collectively at each juncture. This is why when you ask about the future, we cannot give you a concrete answer. If we controlled your decisions, we could give you concrete answers because we would know what you are going to do, but we do not. Therefore as we have stated many times, you are the ones who determine the future, not us, and not only your future but the future of the entire Universe because YOU are souls on stage playing out the roles you created. We simply assisted you in scripting those roles but we have no way of knowing how you would play them out once you incarnated. So, as we said, we can only give you possibilities and probabilities based on where you are now and the decisions you may make, predicated on your past choices.

"The Nibiruans are evolving, just as you are. The Nibiruans cannot tell you what level of consciousness they will attain at the time they pass your Planet any more than you can tell them what level you will attain. It all depends on the collective choices you and they make between now and then. States of consciousness can be likened to radio stations. As you have experienced, there is a period of static as you move from one station to another. In that phase you can hear both stations. Once you have cleared the frequency of the previous radio station the signal comes in very clear thus completely tuning out the other station. Earth and Nibiru are like radio stations. As Nibiru approaches Earth, based on the dimensional level of each, you could have little or no static because you are either working on the same higher frequency or you are far apart on the dial with plenty of stations or dimensions in between. This means that you may experience only enough change to perform a very mild cleansing in the most densely populated areas, this cleansing as being in accordance with Lady Gaia's wishes. So you see it is you who have the power to create the kind of experience you want in relation to Nibiru.

"Earth changes only occur when Lady Gaia needs to release energies that create unbalance. Just like a mother who will clean dirt out of her house so that her children remain healthy, so does Lady Gaia as your Planetary Mother. You are all her children and your welfare is her primary concern. As we have explained several times, your collective emotional bodies comprise your Planetary Mother's emotional body. When you suppress and repress traumas she holds them as well. And as you have learned, suppressed emotions will eventually need to come to the surface to be integrated and cleared. But if you choose to continue to suppress the traumas to the point that they unbalance your Planetary Mother, she will be forced to release them for you. If she doesn't she will become too ill to support you. You have experienced these effects yourselves, as the cause of all your physical and emotional ill health.

"You, the children determine the health of your Planetary Mother. As you mature consciously you realize this and begin taking responsibility for your health and begin clearing the stuck energies thus bringing yourselves back into balance. As you do so individually you do so for your Planetary Mother. Thus each individual fear that you integrate and release can decrease the height of a future tidal wave by 50 feet. Each time you clear an old pattern, you can lessen the wind velocity of a future hurricane by 75 mph. In essence your emotional clearing work directly impacts future Earth changes. The more you clear, the less your Planetary Mother must do for you. And since emotional/physical clearing increases your vibratory rate/level of consciousness, it is how you can avoid a major pole shift when Nibiru returns.

Nibiru Now

"Moving on to the current events of Nibiru, as we have stated before, Nibiru, though a Planet, is also a Star Ship of the Galactic Federation due to its hosting of Representatives from all the Star Nations involved in the "Grand Experiment". Due to its vast circuit through the Galaxy, Nibiru is able to visit each Sector of the Galaxy making contact with the worlds of Member Nations. You could liken it to a traveling company field office that visits all of its customers once a year, but in the case of Nibiru it takes many thousands of Earth years to complete one circuit.

"Nibiru being both Planet and Ship has a Ruling Family. This Family commands the Ship. Anu [6th Dimensional], the Patriarch of the Ruling Family was until recently, the Commander of Nibiru. Rulership has changed hands many times among the various branches of the Ruling Family over the course of Nibiru's History. Due to the fact that this Family is a mix of several Races, Human and Reptilian being the greater part, they have not always seen eye to eye since each Race has its own beliefs and culture. At one point there was a Civil War on Nibiru in which the Ruling House was split. It lasted for thousands of years in Earth time. The Galactic Federation eventually stepped in to stop it and negotiate peace between the warring factions. A stipulation of the Treaty was that the Galactic Federation would take a more hands-on role in the control of Nibiru until such time as the two factions could prove that they could run the Ship without destroying it.

"We are pleased to announce that that time has come. The Houses of Avyon and Aln have united to jointly rule Nibiru in peace. Ancient conflicts have been put aside for the greater good of all. As a result, my presence on Nibiru is no longer required and I have therefore returned to Galactic Federation Headquarters in the Sirius Star System aboard my Ship, Pelegai. Anu has since agreed to transfer command of Nibiru to his two sons Enki and Enlil and the Galactic Federation has returned full command of the Ship to the Ruling Families. This level of cooperation has not occurred on Nibiru since shortly after its creation when the two Royal Houses were united by the marriage of an Orion Reptilian Princess to a Pleaidian (we spell it differently) Human Prince/Commander.

"I realize this is all beginning to sound like a Galactic Fairy Tale but I ask you, where do you think all your stories of Princes and Princesses, Knights and Dragons originate? They are part of your imagination and your imagination is the software you use to access the records of your collective past. So if a multitude of individuals unknown to each other, living in various parts of the world write stories of a similar nature, would it not make sense that they are pulling from the collective memories of all? And since you are now aware that you have stellar origins, would it not make sense that your memories are of a Galactic nature rather than just a Planetary nature? And furthermore, since you are moving up to a multidimensional level of consciousness, wouldn't it make sense that you are now able to access your multidimensional history? Could that be the reason you now have a proliferation of movies, books and such about Galactic Races, Starships, Star Alliances and Royal bloodlines of other Races? Take this inside and ponder it. The present is simply the past rewritten."

"In loving service, Devin, Head of the Galactic Federation's 9th Dimension Nibiruan Council through Jelaila Starr"

Anu, a former Ruler of the Planet Nibiru, now Head of the Galactic Federation's 6th dimensional Nibiruan Council, gives the following description of the Planet Nibiru and also provides some background on Nibiruan racial origins:

"I am known by the name Anu in many of your excellent books about the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian "Gods" of your Planetary History. I am a Pleaidian of pure Lyran descent - a member of the Royal House of Avyon. Royal simply means we uphold the agreement of our forefather, Amelius, an Aspect of Sananda [12th Dimensional; incarnated as 3rd-Dimensional Jesus on Earth], made to maintain a pure DNA strain for the Human prototype.

"As a race, we are tall, usually between nine and eleven feet. We have golden blonde or platinum blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. I, personally am 9 feet, 11 inches tall with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. The Lyran Humans all had the original platinum blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. The golden hues of our bodies and hair were introduced by our mating with the Lion People, or as some call them, the Feline Race.

"My ancestors came from a Planet called Avyon, in the Vegan system of the Lyran Constellation. It was on Avyon that the Human species was originally seeded and evolved by the Felines on the orders of the Founders of the Universe and the Universal Spiritual Hierarchy. This is also where Sananda, one of the Nine Founders of our Universe, fragmented himself to create Amelius. Amelius was the first Soul incarnating as the original Human on the Planet Avyon. His line became known as the Amelius Line - the Royal House of Avyon.

"The Royal House of Avyon moved and settled in the Pleaides many millions of years ago in your time. Compared to other Star clusters in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Pleaides are some of the newest Planets and Stars. Our ancestors, led by the family Patriarch, Devin [9th dimensional], were given the Pleaides as their new home by the Nine Founders of our Universe, after their original Planet, the Lyran Avyon, became uninhabitable [through the Galactic Wars with the Reptile Races].

"We are an independent breed of people. This was not always so. Before the creation of Nibiru, we were a Pleaidian people that expressed only the softer feminine qualities. Since living on Nibiru, we are experiencing the harder masculine side, which since gave us our new-found independence. As a Race, we are working toward finding the balance between the two, the integration point ["Integration of the Polarities"] as you would say. I would like to give you now, information on Nibiru itself.

"Nibiru is a beautiful, red, artificially-made Planet. The gold in our forcefield gives it a magenta hue. We live inside the Planet, not on the surface as you do. The outside of our Planet is encased in a metal-like substance not found on your Planet. The protective forcefields around the outside of our Planet/Ship give it the brightness many spoke of in your past civilizations, including the Egyptians. They called Nibiru "the Bright Star of the Crossing". The rings around our Planet are part of the propulsion system that moves us through space and also adds to the brightness of Nibiru.

"Nibiru was created by the Galactic Federation as a peace-keeping Battlestar/Planet. Its original purpose was to promote harmony among the many diverse civilizations on the Planets within our Galaxy. The Pleaides are the current Home Base of all Human Civilizations in our Galaxy, having replaced the Vegan System as Home Base a long time ago.

"Nibiru is about four times larger than Earth. It has room for many Races and species of Beings to co-habitate in relative harmony, generation after generation. There are within the interior of our Planet beautiful lakes, seas, oceans, mountains, and valleys, just like on Earth. Trees and plants of every imaginable kind grow in profusion. Nibiru was created to resemble our original Home Planet, Avyon.

"Avyon had two Suns and a Firmament [permanent ice-shields enclosing the atmosphere] which made it a tropical paradise. Nibiru has a simulated day and night in the interior, with a canopy of simulated stars in the night sky. Most of the vegetation on Earth came from seedlings developed in our extensive laboratories and propagated on Nibiru. We also have cities and towns just like you.

"Since we are a peace-keeping Battlestar, we have vast areas for the maintenance and storage of Defense Ships and exploratory Shuttle Craft. The Starship Enterprise, from your Television Show, "Star Trek", is very similar in mission and purpose to that of Nibiru."

[ANU from "We Are the Nibiruans" by Jelaila Starr - The Nibiruan Council - Published 1999 by Granite Publishing, P.O.Box 1429, Columbus, NC 28722 - ISBN 0-893183-18-1]

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