13 January 2014 - White Tara on the Comet ISON Energies coming into Earth - Channeled by Jose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez: My beloved White Tara of the New Jerusalem Mothership once again blesses me with her presence and Message of Love. Blessings my Family of Light.

White Tara: Let me convey our greatest Love, joy and feelings of pride we are feeling for you our Beloved Family of Earth Beings. I say we as I am now in the company of Ashtar, Yeshua [Jesus/Sananda] and the Mahatma. The Mahatma and I are representatives of the Divine Feminine aspect and Ashtar and Yeshua are great representatives of Fully Balanced Beings who at the same time operate solely from the Divine Feminine. There is indeed no separation as the Divine Masculine's Will is always present.

We bring you tidings of great value to your growth. Many of you are becoming aware of what we are about to share. At 2.32pm on the 24th of December of 2013 there was a great Wave of Ascension in which this Channeler, Jose, was a witness to and a great assistant in helping raise them to higher levels but also in helping anchor the Portals of Ascension left as those wonderful Souls Ascended with their physical bodies.

Due to the new codes of awakening and of the New Light activated in your precious Sun through the activations and beams of multidimensional DNA-like energy sent into the Core of your Sun by ISON and the Beings within, an acceleration took place by which many Souls waiting for the right "puzzle" piece could then take their next level.

You are now passing through the “Eye of the Needle” in this process in which you are all a part of and what is now needed the most is innocence, joy and awe of life and above all the ability to connect and function at levels of Love. Even if it is only for a few minutes or an hour or days at a time but make sure you spread that Love to everyone you come across and also remember for each one of you in the vibration of Love and who are Sons of Love, thousands of your fellow Humans will be brought up to speed by your resonance.

There need not be any mysteries regarding this Event, as it has been dubbed by some. Although saying this is an "Event" is underestimating this beyond measure-step up in your Awareness and in the growth of Creation itself. It is no longer bound to only your Planet or your Solar System but all of Creation is now fully involved in moving up to the next step in the ladder of spiritual recognition. We can call it evolution but in fact all it is, is recognition of how Divinely created we all are. Specially you my beloved Hu-mans, my Gods in training.

You are now recognizing how deeply submerged you are now in the New Earth Energies and are fully residing within the “New Time” and the “New Self”. Worry not about those Humans who seem to be unaware or who seem to be of the Dark Ones for all it takes is a split second for them to open their eyes to see and their hearts to Love.

All carry the Divine Spark even the “Cloned Humans” will partake in this swift change because they will be granted Souls with the Spark of the Divine. No one will be left behind this time, and I mean no one!

Everything and everyone is of equal value, like I mentioned even the "Clones", regardless of who created them they are all part of life and part of your creational powers and we do not judge as even a small particle or a grain of sand has consciousness and every thing and everyone deserves to experience this beautiful transformation.

Every single message now being received all boils down to the same thing and it is said over and over as we know for Humans it takes repetition in order to understand. It is all about experiencing and being One with Love.

Beloved family realize how blessed you are. The entire Creation is conspiring to help you realize and recognize who you are and what you are.

If you take but a moment to feel LOVE an entire New Universe will open right before your eyes. You will be able to see or feel the presence of Comet ISON which is very close now in proximity to your Planet. Notice the difference in your starry nights as many seemed to have moved closer together.

ISON is cloaked to the Human eye and only an open and sincere genuine heart can see it or feel it. It is so close and it is amplifying the New Light coming in from the Sun and is also radiating upon your Planet tremendous amounts of decoders, and nano particles with the ability to raise quantum fields to levels necessary to activate your Light Bodies in order to match the new frequencies and to physically receive the New Earth encodements.

Fear not the outward changes occurring now and all the geomagnetic activity taking place. Fear not and dwell only in feelings of LOVE. Great changes are taking place and even greater movement is approaching but know you are all safe and well protected. You are the spark of Creator and you are immortal. In order for the new to manifest the old needs to be torn down. This old reality has been ingrained deeply in your DNA but know it is now being released and purified as the old is now becoming the NEW!

Many are being witnesses to the many fireballs all over your Planet. They are purifiers and carriers in physical form of the nano particles for lack of better word to help raise the vibration of your physical bodies. Can you not feel how quickly you are all changing and although there are some minor growing pains it is all for your greater good.

When there is discomfort call on your Mother Earth to ground and accept and transmute such discomfort. Call upon your personal medical teams. There are many Beings readily available to help you transmute and bring you closer to your destination of Love. Call upon Arcturians, the Angels of the Healing Ray,call on the Violet Flame to transmute you, call on Creator him/herself. Everything and all is at your disposal in this NOW.

The time is now to recognize who you are and where you are. In the blink of an eye and you are there. Time and eternity are forces of recognition and lo it is at your disposal. It can take you one day it can take you a year but why not make it an instant and puff you are there. Pull the curtains and see what's on the other side. It is you my beloved family in your full glory. Behold and Rejoice! Infinite Gratitude and Blessings of Love I bestow upon you.

Rinn ni Elohim E' ki cha it tas na (Wells of radiance as Gods through Time and No-Time awaken)

White Tara of the “New Jerusalem” Mothership

20 January 2014 – More on the Make-up of Comet ISON and its subsequent effects upon Planet Earth - Daijina Yakusoku

Even after the Comet ISON passed the Sun at the end of November 2013 and, apparently, had been destroyed by the Sun, Tolec reiterated his previous statements that ISON is in fact a huge Extraterrestrial Mothership, approaching Earth following the trajectory of the Comet. In this mixture of conflicting information, we contacted the representatives of the Sirian Civilisation on their Mothership, which is captained by the Sirian, Amun.

The answer provided by the Mothership named Anesh to the first question states clearly that Comet ISON is indeed a huge Extraterrestrial Mothership, and the details provided in connection with the motivations of such a “disguise”, to make it look like a “Comet”, are astounding. Being 'projected' in the Astral plane and wanting to get in touch with the Sirian Beings, I felt their call and was connected to the specific "Consciousness" energy of the Mothership Anesh that orbited Planet Earth.

When I opened a subtle telepathic channel of communication with the Sirian Beings, I had the pleasure to note that the One who contacted me at that moment, was actually the presiding Consciousness of the Mothership, who told me her name was Anesh. She then told me that “The Event” will represent a “tipping-point” in Human existence, after which will begin a profound transformation, associated with Ascension to a higher level of vibration of Human Consciousness.

One of the important aspects is that ISON has a metal core. This aspect was ignored and hidden by NASA and other astronomers and scientists, and especially by the Dark Occult Forces which seek to misinform the global population. A solid metal core is unusual for a Comet and, if it had been recognised as such, too much public attention would have been focused on it.

The interest of the Dark Elite is to make people believe that ISON is an ordinary Comet of rocks, ice and stellar dust, which is on a normal trajectory towards the Sun, and which will perish once arrived in perihelion of the Sun, i. e. in the area closest to the Star. The Dark Elite know very well that this is not the truth, but they want to impose this scenario of “normality” because they planned the destruction of the Comet through the detonation of two thermonuclear bombs, which would destroy the Core.

This was planned to explode when the Comet entered the Solar Corona and was practically no longer visible due to the very intense light of the Sun. For placing the bombs, the Dark Occult group on Earth used technology to which they already had access, arising from Black Ops or “Black Projects”, which are not Governmental. What the members of this malefic Elite did not know, was that the metal that formed the core of the so-called "Comet" had been designed to absorb any radiation around it.

Therefore, the two atomic explosions not only did not destroy it, but they even “fed” it, making it even more powerful. Furthermore, the metallic Core of the Comet has the ability to transform any radiation it receives from the outside into an even stronger magnetic field.

After Anesh, the "Consciousness" representing the Sirian Mothership, showed me the truth concerning the Comet ISON, she specified that, if I wished, I could see this "Comet" in more detail and even to become aware of its properties. Of course I wanted to see this, and so immediately in front of my field of vision the Comet ISON appeared, which I was able to view it from many angles.

Anesh told me very clearly that at the centre of this Comet is an “intelligent metallic material”, artificially created and that the properties of this metal included being able to magnetize a great area around it. It has an extremely powerful magnetic force and the metal in question can create a matching magnetic field in proportion to the heat which is surrounding it.

After she showed me the Core of this Comet, Anesh said this part of the Comet could be seen in the physical plane. However, in the subtle Etheric and Astral planes surrounding this core of the Comet there had been built a real spherical Mothership, and which has two large cylinders attached to its rear, each approximately 20 km in length. They are designed to create a following massive ice "Tail", so that we would indeed believe it is a “Comet”.

But in fact these two rear appendages are each really a sort of turbine that crushes ice and sprays it behind the Comet. The surrounding spherical Etheric Mothership itself has the role of creating the powerful magnetic field within the intelligent metal at the centre of the Comet to provide the needed protective shield around itself so that the Extraterrestrials on board can work in complete safety. Thus the physical part of the Comet ISON seen by us is really only the metal "core" which is then surrounded by a great Etheric Mothership invisible to Earthlings.

The strategy of the Extraterrestrial civilisations was to “disguise” the huge Mothership in such a way that it would seem to be as a Comet, its role being necessary for the smooth progress of the profound transformations that will commence on our Planet very soon. At the present level of the consciousness of Humanity, many would have been shocked and very bewildered if instead of a “Comet” there had been reported in the media an object in space being driven by intelligent forces.

The Dark Cabal would have skilfully manipulated and misinformed Earth's population, so that they would believe that an “Extraterrestrial Invasion” was being prepared from outer space. What would have followed would have been an unprecedented wave of fear, panic and tension, which would have practically ended, in that moment, the chances of a successful spiritual transformation and evolution of Planet Earth, as should happen. The chaos that would have been created would only have helped the Dark Cabal that wants to oppress and control the population of the Planet, which they do through the amplifying of negative emotions, especially that of fear.

Therefore, it was necessary for the benevolent Extraterrestrials to design a “Plan” to maintain an emotional balance on Earth, but which still offered some indications that something pure, wonderful and also grandiose is being prepared for Humanity in the very near future. The Plan, which required disguising the Extraterrestrial Mothership as a "Comet", had to be played out with great precision and patience to avoid the suspicion of observers on Earth. At the same time, the “Comet” had to offer some hints about a role that it was to play in the destiny of Planet Earth.

The original Comet ISON's natural destiny on its way to our Solar System was to enter the Sun and to melt in the heat of the Sun. However, desiring to produce a major transformational effect on Planet Earth, the Extraterrestrial Races considered that it was to be an important part of the forthcoming “Cosmic Event” and that the original Comet would be made to keep its trajectory and even look as though it was a Comet to most Earthlings.

The Mothership that incorporated Comet ISON has the role of supporting a process that has already started and that will take place on Earth shortly after the Comet passes on its return from the Sun alongside Earth; thus for the Mothership to remain unobserved, it had to be constructed entirely from Etheric matter. That is why it was to look like any other Comet, with an outside structure of ice. They even created artificial ice in such a way as to appear as though it has a certain rotation around its axis, that it has a well-defined trajectory in accordance with its mass. However, thanks to its metallic core, Comet ISON has in addition a magnetic field strong enough to protect it from the rays of the Sun and the specific heat near the Sun.

The two “engines” behind the Comet, constructed from elements of the Etheric plane, have the role to absorb ice from in front of the Comet and mixing it with a certain intelligent, specific material, which afterwards, through propulsion forms the specific “Tail of the Comet”, as seen from Earth, such as we are normally used to seeing with a Comet.

Enveloped within the Comet ISON, the huge Extraterrestrial Mothership followed with patience the prescribed Comet trajectory, passing through its specific phases. The “script” requires it to reveal itself little by little, and then to finally reveal its full identity, in fulfilling its true purpose.

After I received the information concerning the Comet and the fact that it is in fact a Mothership, I asked the following question: “Actually, what could be shown to an intelligent person that this Comet is indeed more than just a Comet and how would I be able to confirm this?”

The Consciousness of the Sirian Mothership Anesh, said that if enough intelligent Beings who have studied Comets for years and knew how a Comet would normally behave close to the Sun, would have noted that in the case of the Comet ISON, even if it had have been twice the size, it would not have been able to resist the heat emitted by the Sun at such a small distance. So it was very clear that there is something more, something they could not explain, and which will indicate many mysteries after they really analyse all the physical and mathematical data arising from its subsequent trajectory.

Because the moment in which it disappeared into the Sun, the trajectory of Comet would have been maintained for a certain period of time. The fact that the Comet appeared from behind the Sun with some considerable delay shows that something indeed had occurred. If we calculated the specific period in which the Comet should have appeared up to the moment in which it actually reappeared, we would have noticed that this extended period could not be explained by a normal circular trajectory, but there are also additional mysteries.

When the Comet really did appear from behind the Sun and continued its regular trajectory, we could see that this trajectory had been maintained, but that the Comet ISON had almost the same previous mass. If the Comet was only made of ice and rocks, it should have melted and in the best scenario, only a small amount of ice would have remained to continue its trajectory, which would also have automatically altered its trajectory.The fact it did not change its trajectory shows again that there is something else to be discovered. The disturbing aspect, which is not known, is connected to the disappearance of the Comet-ship for a few hours when it passed behind the Sun. What happened then?

Anesh then explains the action that occurred within the Sun, which was to set up the “Big Event” eagerly awaited by many people on Earth, one which is to be an essential catalyst for triggering irreversible transformations to the Planet. Arriving in the middle of the Sun it sought to support the creation of a new magnetic "Mono-pole", so that our Sun could make an Intergalactic connection with another group of distant Suns. This was to allow our Sun to connect with a powerful new combined and concentrated transformative energy from a Network of Stars/Suns which could be absorbed by our Sun and then be re-transmitted towards the Earth as an immensely powerful "energetic flux".

Thus there was the climax of when the Comet ISON entered our Sun, making an energetic connection with a distant large Star near the Centre of our Galaxy, part of a combined group of Stars. That was the moment which concluded the previous 11 year cycle of the “Reversal of the Magnetic Field” of the Sun.

Then follows the final stage of the journey of Comet ISON, when it heads back towards our Planet. Anesh revealed the fact that when ISON reaches its closest point to Earth, it will create with Earth and the Sun an exact angle of 90 degrees, and combined with the rotational velocity of its "Core", it will strongly affect the magnetic field of the Earth.

The Mothership-Comet then becomes a trigger-point, a very important “Link” that mediates the forces and energies between the Physical and Subtle Etheric Dimensions. That is why, in certain prophecies it was known as being “The Herald”.

After I received the information regarding the activity of the Mothership within middle of the Sun, I wanted to find out more details. Being curious about the physical phenomena which would arise, I sought to understand more closely the phenomenon in itself of transmission of information and the way in which this is happening.

At my wish, a “Mini-Galaxy” formed before my very eyes in that moment. I have seen our own Galaxy from above, the way in which it rotates and even noted where our Star/Sun is. I was shown afterwards where the Galactic Star/Sun from where the energetic force being transmitted was located, which I understood itself to be approximately 100 times larger than our Sun.

It is a Star very close to the Centre of our Galaxy. There are approximately 200 Stars on the opposite side of the Galaxy to where our Sun is located, and which focus the subtle energy to the large Star close to the Centre of the Galaxy and they specified the form and showed me that Network of Stars, the way in which it was constructed in time and the importance of this Network.

Afterwards I noticed that the energy which accumulated in the Large Star near the Centre of the Galaxy transmitted information to our Star/Sun at the time of our Sun's "Pole Shift". They also stated that this “energetic communication channel” is going through a magnetic "Mono-pole", which in modern science only exists theoretically and about which limited information on this subject is known, and there is not much research or studies which could highlight what could happen in that moment of Pole Change.

To my knowledge and also from what I have assimilated after receiving this information from the Mothership, I understood that a energetic communication channel between two points in the Universe can be created when a certain point has a Magnetic North charge and another point has a Magnetic South charge. Between the two points is then created a communication channel for information and energy transfer, and this is exactly what has occurred between our Sun and the large Star near the Centre of the Galaxy.

Not at all accidentally, Comet ISON remained in the centre of our Sun exactly when it shifted its Magnetic Polarity and I even subsequently read that for a period of time there was one Magnetic Pole on the Sun, but the other Magnetic Pole was no longer present. In other words, only a single Pole was noticed on the Sun. It is logical that when only a single Pole exists, the other could be found at the opposite end of the channel of energetic transmission and it is also logical that the other Magnetic Pole would be that larger Sun close to the Centre of the Galaxy as indicated by Anesh.

This Mothership was therefore designed to support this energetic transmission, to create this communication channel between the two Suns, to convey information between the two stars. The chosen moment for all the energy accumulated in the Star/Sun near the Centre of the Galaxy and to be sent to our Sun, is the one in which a very clear energetic impulse will be transmitted from the Centre of the Galaxy. Then, all of the energy accumulated in the large Star will be transmitted to our Sun, and our Sun will then emit this energy throughout our Solar System. The Sun will no longer emit on single set of frequencies that are specific to it, but on an unimaginably vast range of very high frequencies, coming from hundreds of Stars near the Centre of our Galaxy. It will be a coordinated, focused event and, as Anesh mentioned, UNIQUE in the History of this Universe. In a sense, it will be an "Enlightening Event" for all of Mankind, but not everyone will be able to feel the very elevated impulse.

Anesh also stated that the Galactic Network had been built-up over many years; in fact, the creation of this Network was decided upon more than 100 years ago; over this period of time they formed, step-by-step, the connections between those Stars and the Great Star that is located close to the Centre of our Galaxy.

After I received this information and after I saw the details relating to the Network and the way in which it creates the connection between the two Stars, I was shown that the Mothership succeeding in creating this connection, then moving towards the exterior of the Sun following a line of the magnetic field and reappearing on its proscribed trajectory, so that on the Physical plane it appeared to be following a normal Comet trajectory.

As ISON reappeared from behind the Sun I noticed that its shape was now like a boomerang. I also understood that by its rotation around its own axis it caused this form to create three specific magnetic fields of certain fixed frequencies. When the Comet reaches a 90 degree angle to the Earth-Sun, these three specific magnetic fields will introduce a code into the magnetic field of the Earth, which will be a specific decryption of the energy which will come via the Sun from the 200 distant Stars of our Galaxy. That is, made up of the different energies accumulated in the Large Star/Sun close to the Centre of the Galaxy, plus another one coming from the Central Sun of our Galaxy.

This energy will eventually be felt by every Human Being on Planet Earth. It will penetrate every atom of our physical constitution and will create beneficial changes in our DNA, so that in the future we can evolve spiritually in a more accelerated way.

People will experience a state of happiness inside, and for those who are prepared for it, a state of "Inner Illumination". They will very clearly understand what the notion of "God" means and they will feel a state of perfect happiness and delight. At the same time, that energy will bring a vitality and a subtle shine that may even be visible on the face, a special "inner shining".

It also specified that this first impulse will last exactly 14 minutes 58 seconds. It represents exactly the Heart Beat of our Galaxy. So, it actually is the frequency of our Galaxy. Not by chance, about 14 minutes is the time it takes for a free neutron to form into a proton and an electron, i.e. in the two polarities. The energy emitted by our own Galaxy via our Sun will be permanently felt by people and we will have this feeling of a subtle charging which will bring us extra hope and joy; it will ensure a quick spiritual path.

Anesh showed me that when this Event occurs there will be seen a certain specific brightness if it takes place during the night, something very similar to the light at the Poles when the Aurora Borealis appears. If the event occurs during the day, people will see a particular brightness in the sky and will feel a great happiness inside when seeing the very bright and shining blue above their head.

It is a UNIQUE chance that is offered to us for an illuminating leap to "Full Consciousness". It will be a unique moment in our Planet's History and even in Universal History. The extraordinarily powerful energetic pulse will illuminate the life down to the lowest forms of it, even at the level of bacteria or amorphous ground. It will mean in practice an update to the DNA of Human Beings, according to the destiny and choice that each of us is to make.

Furthermore, this colossal energetic pulse will represent, from the Etheric viewpoint, an infusion of vital energy to Earth's Etheric plane, a plane in which the Sirian civilisation is presently established, consolidating the old flawed Etheric plane of Earth which is full of energetic blockages, which Satanic and Demonic Entities have used extensively to subdue and control Human Beings, especially in the last thousand years.

Via St. Germaine - 8 January 2014:
The ISON Sphere is to remain in a cloaked energy field until all is ready to go ahead. The Rainbow colours of energy it will bring will be seen as “Pillars of Light” which will rain down in bow streams. Prepare to be surprised! The Sphere is called Xantarex or X-antarex, and is accompanied by two Procyon “Battle Ships”, guarding, steering and guiding. Also the Ashtar Command has provided cloaked guiding ships for this endeavor. The Procyon ships are called Gobritsjaia and Natsjoerits. The Two captains of these ships are Captain Moratch and Captain Kadush. Their mission is: Bringing You Home! The influx of energy will be of a transformative crystallization of your Beings with an energy enshrined with the Golden Light of LOVE.

The New Earth - Book II