Cosmic Laws
by Nada-Yolanda

Trade paperback · 161 pages · $15.00

Based on the channelings of the ascended masters through Nada-Yolanda, this masterwork reveals twenty-three laws of God, the fundamental building blocks for all spiritual growth. No matter our spiritual pathway, none of us can attain enlightenment without knowing and applying the universal laws which govern our lives and relationships throughout eternity.

Basic spiritual principles are the keys to leading a productive, abundant life. Understand how to align yourself with God's will, how to evaluate and overcome your challenges, how to interact with all life forms, and how to conduct your life in harmony with the cosmos.

With the wisdom of the ages at your disposal, apply these laws and demonstrate your I Am consciousness now!


In 1960 NADA-YOLANDA (Pauline Sharpe) co-founded Mark-Age, Inc., an international nonprofit, spiritual-educational organization. Among their services were classes, seminars, and as sponsors for leaders in the growing metaphysical, self-help arena. In 1981 she became Executive Director and President. Since 1960, Mark-Age has published books, booklets, courses, magazines, and audiocassettes for an international membership of individuals, churches, schools, universities, and independent study groups who network globally to bring a new level of spiritual consciousness to planet Earth.

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