From Mortal to Immortal
by Nada-Yolanda
Trade paperback · 152 pages · $15.00

Two thousand years ago Jesus of Nazareth laid down the pattern for our reevolution into Christ consciousness. Now, we are following his pattern for our personal transformation, or metamorphosis, into the light body of our immortal, I Am Self.

Startling communiqués from etheric teachers and angelic guardians clearly explain the oftentimes fascinating, sometimes arduous process of personal mortal transformation, or metamorphosis, into the light body of the immortal, I Am Self.

Since her spiritual awakening by Christ Jesus in 1956-57, Nada-Yolanda has been a spiritual pioneer. Treading in the footprints that Jesus of Nazareth planted two thousand years ago, she is helping to clear the path for all light workers to follow in their own light-body metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis comprises the most advanced teachings ever recorded about the anchoring of the resurrected, light body.

Yet, these messages are replete with practical guidelines on how we each can apply basic cosmic principles to our personal transmutation into Christ or I Am consciousness, our divine birthright.

The ascended masters also offer an incomparable perspective on the current Battle of Armageddon, the mental-emotional-physical struggle between the forces of good and evil. They address humanity's most pressing challenges of the Latter Days, including:

Middle East violence and karma

Worldwide war against negative, evil forces

AIDS epidemic, global warming, Earth changes

School violence, controversy over human evolution

Light-body demonstrations of 144,000 elect in next 10-25 years

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