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Quotes from D. Richard Gerber's book on aspects of Healing and the "Higher Knowledge".

A remarkable Near Death Experience from the effects of Cancer, has recently been given to the World by Anita M. of Hong Kong.

Insights and visions from Neva Howell's book

Quotations from her two new books: "THE CALL GOES OUT from the Subterranean City of Telos" and "THE CALL GOES OUT from the Earth's Cetaceans"

Archangel Raphael and other Masters: Practical questions and answers channeled by Jeannie Weyrick & Richard Putman.

UFOs and EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS. Quotations from the book "The Treasure of El Dorado". Masters El Dorado and Hilarion channeled by Joseph Whilfield

Commander ASHTAR channeled by Eric Klein excerpted from his book "The Crystal Stair"

An excerpt from the book "What on EARTH is going on?" by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles which describes the spiritual/historic background to Planet Earth.

Our journeys through the Dimensions as we leave Earth prior to the Changes - by Tom Smith

when we board the Spaceships and leave our Earthly home?

We give here some quotes from D. Richard Gerber's book, published by Bear & Company, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2860, on aspects of Healing and the "Higher Knowledge", subjects on which Dr Gerber shows his deep knowledge and insight.

Illness and Meditation:

Although illnesses relating to experiences in a past life are hard to understand, it is only through a true comprehension of human subtle-energy anatomy and the reality of reincarnation that the meaning of disease may be entirely understood and remedied. Meditation is a powerful tool by which individuals may come to understand the meaning behind their illnesses and the lessons which must be learned before they can truly be well. Meditation holds the key to understanding the interlocking nature of the physical, astral, mental and higher spiritual selves. Each integral energetic element works to assist the soul in developing its many facets and to understand its own true higher nature.

In its Earthly sojourns and experiences, the soul comes to comprehend its own higher spiritual qualities through selfless acts of love, service, and caring. When the physical personality has difficulty in expressing these most basic lessons of soul development, physical diseases may be acquired as learning experiences. Depending upon the blockage of expression within the personality, dysfunctions will appear in various chakras. The abnormal flow of subtle energies through the chakras is then translated into physical illness in a particular organ. Through meditation, the personality may come to discover the true meaning behind the physical illness with which it is afflicted. If the person can then correct that problematic emotional and spiritual dysfunction, the disease will often improve or completely abate. Of course, there are additional karmic factors which enter into the equation which make the issue somewhat more complex. But the basic idea still applies.

The real reason to meditate is to achieve enlightenment. Enlightenment might be defined here as a more cosmic or energetic perspective of the structures of consciousness, a feeling of unity with all lifeforms, and an understanding of the spiritual working behind physical reality. This higher level of perception will ultimately allow the individual to comprehend the meaning of his or her life in relationship to others and to the universe in general. This is what is referred to as a more cosmic perspective. Meditation may ultimately allow Humans to come into closer relationship and greater comprehension of God the Creator.

Spiritual Awareness:

The development of inner vision, intuition, and spiritual awareness are issues that are slowly growing in importance throughout the Western world as more and more people begin to search for the path toward enlightenment. This can be seen in many different outward manifestations as people seek for spiritual fulfillment through the more conventional Western religions of Christianity and the Eastern faiths of Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism and Hinduism. The tremendous surge of interest in meditation and prayer over the last twenty years is a growing sign of people's quest for greater spiritual direction.

We are moving toward a period in Human history when we will begin to see the spiritual transformation of millions of people upon the Earth. It is a time when a more enlightened higher consciousness is desperately needed to work through and solve our many social, economic, ecological, and diverse planetary problems. There is a powerful driving force at work from the higher dimensional planes which is accelerating the process of spiritual transformation and enlightenment for many. As more people begin to meditate and explore the inner guidance for their Higher Selves, they will kindle a tremendous energy for self-healing and wellness. Through meditation, these powerful psychic forces will begin to open and cleanse the chakras and the human brain itself to activate the hidden psychic potentials of higher consciousness.

As the New Age vibrations begin to affect more and more people, the spiritual awakening of millions of sleeping minds will begin to kindle the energies of love and healing that may eventually be able to transform the planet Earth into a place of greater peace and balance. When we begin to heal ourselves and learn that fear and misunderstanding is the root cause of much illness, distress and suffering, we will begin to replace hate, prejudice, and distrust with love and cooperation. When we are functioning in the lower mind of conscious awareness, we tend to project our own dissatisfactions and inability's onto the world. Seeing our own problems and inability's reflected in the faces of those around us, we exaggerate our fears and prejudices in a viciously expanding cycle. We are often afraid of owning up to our own fears, anxieties, and shortcomings. To cope with this frightening inner environment, we begin to project our fear and insanity onto the world, making it seem that the problem is coming from out there when, in fact, it originates from within our own egos. The only way to break this vicious cycle of confused thinking and illness is through love and forgiveness and a greater awareness of the healing potential of love. When we start to forgive ourselves for our perceived faults, and honestly admit that we still have a long way to grow, we begin to heal ourselves from the highest level of spirit on down to the physical. Only then can we truly love and accept ourselves. Once we love ourselves, it becomes easier to love those around us.

That is not to say that there is not chaos and unrest occurring in many places throughout the world, and that there is not much discord in these times of crisis. There will likely be a worsening of the world situation before it becomes better. In order to cope with a world that has seemingly gone mad at times, we must find an inner center of peace within ourselves so that we may begin to expand our own energy of peace and harmony to encompass the troubled needy world around us. As we begin to find that center of peace and spiritual understanding, healing naturally follows. We become better citizens and servants of world order and fellowship. We must heal ourselves before we can go out and heal the planet on which we live. The first step of this long journey begins at home.

The Soul's journey from the Creator:

It is said that God created Human beings in the Divine Image. As each soul was created in that first moment, God separated into smaller beings of Light which were energetic representations of the original vast Beingness. Through the conscious evolution of these lesser gods and the holographic connectivity of the Universe, God could enrich and develop the tremendous potential for diversity and self-knowledge inherent in Supreme Consciousness. These primal beings of Light, or souls, developed ways of manifesting the ethereal energies of their consciousness through denser forms of expression. The denser forms, called physical bodies, would allow them to experience through their senses the wonders and beauties of the evolving planets. Also, it would allow them to experiment with the expression of their emotional nature through interactions and relationships between themselves, their environment, and the other sentient life forms manifesting upon the planets on which they chose to incarnate.

Because no entity could develop itself in all possible ways through the course of a single life span of these dense vehicles of expression, a continuous cycle of regeneration and rebirth, known as reincarnation, was created. During each lifetime, the incarnating soul is able to partake of many diverse experiences which allow it to explore the wonders, joys and sorrows of human existence. Through hit or miss, and reward or punishment, the consciousness of the soul, projected through Earthly bodies, can learn and experience planetary life through every conceivable variation of the Human form. Via the reincarnational cycle, each soul comes to know the splendor and achievements, as well as the difficulties and sadnesses, of each of the existing races and colors of peoples. All souls come to experience life as the pinnacle of high society as well as the simplicity and daily toil of the farms and fields. All conscious entities find out how life differs between being male and female in the different societies. Through each of these varied experiences, the soul comes to know itself and to better understand its own emotional, physical, and spiritual nature, as well as the many different expressions that physical Human life allows. Perhaps most importantly in its Earthly sojourns, the soul comes to appreciate and experience the nature of love in its many different forms, and develops a greater compassion and caring for all of God's creations.

All souls are spiritual beings of Light which remain energetically connected to the Creator and the Creator's Universe through a holographic connectivity relationship. All souls have evolved as unique but diverse manifestations of the single Divine Principle (also known as the Law of One). As the souls become enriched through their experiences, so too does the Creator come to grow and evolve in a greater knowing of His Self in infinite expression. In spite of this unity with God and the Universe, the souls temporarily lose the memory of their spiritual origins after incarnating into dense physical bodies. In reality, the higher spiritual bodies of each soul maintain a cosmic awareness and connection to the God-force. Only the projected fragment of the soul's total consciousness which inhabits the dense physical form loses the memory of its origins.

The Earthly personalities forget that they are manifestations of the One Supreme Intelligence, as the perceptual mechanism of their brains and bodies create a physical sense of separation from each other as well as from their Creator. Partly because of this sense of separation from God, Human beings have created religion and its rituals in an attempt to reunite themselves with the creative forces of nature and the physical universe, which seemed outside of themselves. Human beings forget that the Kingdom of God is already within each of us. Jesus incarnated to teach and remind us of this simple forgotten truth.

VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE – New Choices for Healing Ourselves
by Richard Gerber, M.D.
Published 1996 by Bear & Company, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2860, USA.
ISBN 1-979181-28-2

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Anita Moorjani's Near-Death Experience from Cancer

I had cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma), and on this morning, I could not move. My Husband rushed me to hospital, where, after doing scans, they diagnosed me with grade 4B lymphoma (the highest grade). The senior Oncologist looked at my report and told my Husband that it was too late, and that my organs were now shutting down. I only had 36 hours to live. However, the Oncologist said he would do whatever he could but prepared my Husband that I would most likely not make it, as my organs were no longer functioning. They started me on a chemotherapy drip as well as oxygen, and then they started to take tests, particularly on my organ functions, so that they could determine what drugs to use.

I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time, and I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body. I saw and heard the conversations between my Husband and the Doctors taking place outside my room, about 40 feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation to my shocked Husband. Then I actually "crossed over" to another dimension, where I was engulfed in a total feeling of Love. I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works. The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable. Words seem to limit the experience - I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our 3-dimensional world. I realized what a gift life was, and that I was surrounded by Loving Spiritual Beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.

The amount of Love I felt was overwhelming, and from this perspective, I knew how powerful I am, and saw the amazing possibilities we as Humans are capable of achieving during a physical life. I found out that my purpose now would be to live "Heaven on Earth" using this new understanding, and also to share this knowledge with other people. However I had the choice of whether to come back into life, or go towards death. I was made to understand that it was not my time, but I always had the choice, and if I chose death, I would not be experiencing a lot of the gifts that the rest of my life still held in store. One of the things I wanted to know was that if I chose life, would I have to come back to this sick body, because my body was very, very sick and the organs had stopped functioning. I was then made to understand that if I chose life, my body would heal very quickly. I would see a difference in not months or weeks, but days!

I was shown how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical. If I chose to go into life, the cancer would be gone from my energy, and my physical body would catch up very quickly. I then understood that when people have medical treatments for illnesses, it rids the illness only from their body but not from their energy so the illness returns. I realized if I went back, it would be with a very healthy energy. Then the physical body would catch up to the energetic conditions very quickly and permanently. I was given the understanding that this applies to anything, not only illnesses - physical conditions, psychological conditions, etc. I was "shown" that everything going on in our lives was dependant on this energy around us, created by us. Nothing was solid - we created our surroundings, our conditions, etc. depending where this "energy" was at. The clarity I received around how we get what we do was phenomenal! It's all about where we are energetically. I was made to feel that I was going to see "proof" of this first hand if I returned back to my body.

I know I was drifting in and out between the two worlds, but every time I drifted into the "other side", I was shown more and more scenes. There was one which showed how my life had touched all the people in it - it was sort of like a tapestry and showed how I affected everyone's lives around me. There was another belonging to this world which showed my Brother on an airplane, having heard the news I was dying, coming to see me (this was verified to me as when I started to come round, my Brother was there, having just got off the airplane). I then saw a glimpse of my Brother and me and somehow seemed to understand it was a previous life, where I was much older than him and was like a mother to him (in this life, he is older than me). I saw in that life I was very protective towards him. I suddenly became aware now that he was on the plane to come and see me, and felt "I can't do this to him - can't let him come and see me dead". Then I also saw how my Husband's purpose was linked to mine, and how we had decided to come and experience this life together. If I went, he would probably follow soon after.

I was made to understand that, as tests had been taken for my organ functions (and the results were not out yet), that if I chose life, the results would show that my organs were functioning normally. If I chose death, the results would show organ failure as the cause of death, due to cancer. I was able to change the outcome of the tests by my choice!

I made my choice, and as I started to wake up (in a very confused state, as I could not at that time tell which side of the veil I was on), the Doctors came rushing into the room with big smiles on their faces saying to my family "Good news - we got the results and her organs are functioning - we can't believe it!! Her body really did seem like it had shut down!"

After that, I began to recover rapidly. The Doctors had been waiting for me to become stable before doing a lymph node biopsy to track the type of cancer cells, and they could not even find a lymph node big enough to suggest cancer (upon entering the hospital my body was filled with swollen lymph nodes). They did a bone marrow biopsy, again to find the cancer activity so they could adjust the chemotherapy according to the disease, and there wasn't any in the bone marrow. The Doctors were very confused, but put it down to me suddenly responding to the chemotherapy. Because they themselves were unable to understand what was going on, they made me undergo test after test, all of which I passed with flying colors, and clearing every test empowered me even more! I had a full body scan, and because they could not find anything, they made the Radiologist repeat it again!!!!

Because of my experience, I am now sharing with everyone I know that miracles are possible in your life every day. After what I have seen, I realize that absolutely anything is possible, and that we did not come here to suffer. Life is supposed to be great, and we are very, very loved. The way I look at life has changed dramatically, and I am so glad to have been given a second chance to experience "Heaven on Earth".

For an interview with Anita Moorjani by the Near Death Experience Research Foundation on the lessons and conclusions she has drawn from her NDE experience, read Part 2 :

Anita's Near Death Experience - Part 2

NDE Research Foundation: Can you tell me more about how this way of thinking affects your physical reality?

When I was in the Near Death Experience (NDE) state, it felt like I had woken up to a different reality.  It felt like I had awoken from the “illusion” of life, and from that perspective, it looked like my physical life was just a culmination of my thoughts and beliefs up to that point.  It felt like the whole world was just a culmination of the thoughts and beliefs of the collective.  That is, the culmination of everyone's thoughts and beliefs.  It felt like nothing was actually real, but we made it real with our beliefs.  I understood that even my cancer was not real, it was also part of the illusion, so if I went back to my body, I would not have the cancer any more. 

And another thing is that there was this incredible understanding of how we are all interconnected. And how what I felt within me affects my whole Universe.  I felt one with everything.  I felt a connection with every living thing.  And it felt like the whole Universe is within me. As far as I am concerned, if I am happy, the Universe is happy. If I love myself, everyone else will love me. If I am at peace, the whole Universe is peaceful. And so on.

Also, time and space feel very different in that dimension.  It doesn't feel linear, like it does here. It felt like everything was happening simultaneously.  I saw what could be interpreted as past lives, I saw what was happening currently (my brother on the plane, and conversations between my family members and doctors), and I also saw the future of this life pan out.  But it was as if they were all happening at once, and I was living them all at once.  It felt like, only after coming back, my mind has to process it as happening in linear time, but in that dimension, it didn't feel that way at all.  And also, distance and solid walls did not stop me from seeing and hearing everything that pertained to me at that time.

    So now, back into 3D life, it feels like even solid walls, distance, and time are constraints that can be overcome, just by a change of “state”.

Now move forward to my NDE.  This state caused a huge internal consciousness shift within me.  It felt as if I had penetrated into a reality beyond my “mind” and that, living in the mind was living in the “illusion”.  Words aren't adequate to describe the state, but it felt like we constructed this world with our mind, and that was the illusion.  It felt like I went beyond that.  And there was a feeling of being connected to the entire Universe- becoming one with everyone and everything.  I was also flooded in an all encompassing, unconditionally loving, energy.  It was an energy of Unconditional Love - an energy that does not discriminate or judge.  This universal energy is there for us no matter who or what we are.   I felt amazingly powerful and magnificent. It was in this very awake state that I made the decision to come back into life.  It was one powerful decision to come back and experience LIFE in this body again.  You see, as soon as the choice to live or die was presented to me, I KNEW that once I made the decision, NOTHING outside of myself could kill me.  NOTHING.  Just the fact that I was presented with the choice and that I had made the decision, made it real.  And as soon as I made the decision, every single cell in my body responded to that decision, and I healed almost immediately. 

    The doctors continued to take tests, but could not find anything.  I understood that everything that was being done after that - all the tests, biopsies, drugs, etc. etc. was being done to satisfy everyone around me, and although a lot of it was very, very painful, I KNEW that I would be fine. My Higher Self/Soul/Spirit/connection to All That Is, whatever you want to call it, that part of me had decided to continue to live through this body, and nothing in this physical 3D world could affect that decision. It felt like any decision made from the real reality far outweighs anything in this mind constructed "illusion” of the 3D world.

  This is that invincible feeling.  The feeling that nothing outside of me can harm me.

Q: Yes, if our beliefs create our reality, then it certainly is important to believe in positive things, and things that serve us, rather than things that work against us.  But how do we do that in a world that is seemingly so full of negativity? 

Remember I said earlier that I felt that the Universe is within me? The external world is only a reflection of my internal world! 

A lot of people say that the world is very negative, but that's not exactly true.  Look around you.  EVERYTHING exists simultaneously in this Universe, the positive as well as negativity. There is poverty, there is wealth, there is sickness, there is health, there is love, and there is hatred and fear, and there is happiness and there is despair, and so on.  And there is NOT more negative than positive.  It's just because we choose to see the world in this way, that it feels like there is more of a negative nature.  And the more we choose to see it this way, and give it our focus and energy, the more of it we draw into our lives, and create it in our own personal reality.

  Remember, I believe that this reality is created by our collective unconsciousness.  That's what I felt I broke through, during my NDE.  Each of us as individuals ALWAYS has the choice to choose what we want to see and believe as reality. 

  Q:  So if someone's life was not working for them, how would you suggest they turn it around?

  One of the most powerful things I got from my NDE is how loved I am.  Unconditionally Loved.  So now, I continue to love myself unconditionally.  I would strongly suggest practicing Unconditional Self-Love.

  Remember, I said that the Universe is only a reflection of me.  If I am frustrated with the way life is working for me, it is futile to change the external elements without looking at what's going on internally.  A lot of us are very negative towards ourselves.  We are our own worst enemies.  The first thing I would say is to stop judging yourself and stop beating yourself up for where you are in your life right now.  If I am finding that I am constantly frustrated with people, and judging them, it is because that is how I am internally treating myself all the time.  I am only expressing outward my own inner dialogue to myself.  The more I love myself unconditionally, the easier it is for me to see beauty in this world, and beauty in others. 

  If I can Love myself and not judge myself, and see my own perfection, then I will automatically see all of this in others!  And the more I Love myself, the more Love I will have for others.  It's not possible to love another more than you love yourself.  Contrary to popular belief that it's selfish to love yourself, this is just not so true.  We cannot give what we do not have.

  No matter where you are, it is only the culmination of your thoughts and beliefs up to that point.  And you can change it.  Remember, I reversed my cancer at the 11th hour.  Even when the Doctors said it was too late, it was still not too late.  So the first thing is to realize that it is NEVER too late to do something, or change anything.  It's important to see the power that the present moment holds in turning our life around.

  If you believe in things like “like attracts like” then the absolute best way to attract what's best for you is to love yourself to the point where you are filled with Love, and will only attract to your life everything that confirms this belief about yourself.  It's actually very simple, really. 

  When you realize your own magnificence, you will only attract magnificence into your life.  That's how I look at it.

  Q: Can you tell me, how does one become unconditionally loving in a world that is not always loving? 

First of all, remember that I feel that the Universe is only a reflection of me. So the Unconditional Love is not extended out to the world (or Universe), it is Unconditional Love that I extend inwardly, towards myself! Each day, I learn to love myself unconditionally.

Also, let me explain that there is a difference between “being loving” and “being love”.

Being loving means giving Love to another whether you have any for yourself or not. It means giving what you yourself may or may not even have to give. This type of giving of Love can eventually drain you, because we donąt always have a limitless supply. And then we look to the other to replenish our pool of Love, and if it is not forthcoming, we stop being loving ourselves, because we are exhausted.

Being Love, on the other hand, means loving myself unconditionally so that it overflows, and anyone and everyone around me just becomes an automatic recipient of my Love. The more I Love myself, the more it flows out to others. It almost feels like being a vessel for Love to flow through. When I am being Love, I donąt need people to behave a certain way in order for them to be a recipient of my Love. They are automatically getting my Love as a result of me loving myself. So to stop being Love, to me, means to stop loving myself. Hence, I will not stop being Love on account of another. 

Q: So how would you suggest someone elevate their own loving energy? 

I feel it's my self-dialogue that either elevates or diminishes the energy I radiate outwards. When my inner dialogue turned against me, over time, it depleted my energy, and caused a downward spiral in my external circumstances. I was always really, really positive on the outside, effervescent, loving, etc. etc. and still my world was crumbling around me, and I was getting depleted, and sicker and sicker.  Sometimes, when we see someone who is really positive and effervescent and kind, yet their lives are crumbling around them we may think "see, this being positive thing doesn't work". But see, here's the thing. WE DON'T KNOW that person's own inner dialogue. We donąt know what they are telling themselves, inside their own heads, day in and day out. 

Remember, I am not advocating "thinking positive" in a Pollyanna-ish sort of way.  "Thinking positive" can be tiring, and to some people it can mean "suppressing" the negative stuff that happens.  And it ends up being more draining. 

I am talking about my own mental dialogue to myself.  What am I telling myself, day in and day out inside my head.  I feel itąs so very important not to have judgment and fear in my own mental dialogues to myself. When our own inner dialogue is telling us we are safe, unconditionally loved, accepted, we than radiate this energy outwards and change our external world accordingly.

I also think it is very important to see perfection in the moment.  The present moment is very powerful.  Each moment holds promise, and each moment can be a turning point for the rest of your life.

    I am often misunderstood when I say that each moment is perfect.  And that everything is perfect.  People are afraid of seeing perfection in a situation that is not of their liking, thinking that seeing perfection means not changing it.  To me, seeing perfection does not mean keeping the situation static.  It means seeing perfection in exactly where you are in your journey right now, no matter where that may be.  Seeing perfection in the moment, wherever in the journey that moment might be.  That is seeing perfection.

    Q: This is very powerful - being able to change the exterior in a very positive way, just by changing our internal world with a positive, self-loving, inner dialog. This is a very clear explanation of “The Universe is Just a Reflection of Me”. It also explains why there is so much negativity in the world. It must be a reflection of other people's negative inner dialogs, being projected outwards. Is that what you feel?

Yes, that is exactly what I feel.  You want to know the best part about feeling this positive energy about yourself? I don't feel I even have to say anything to anyone in order to uplift them, but just because of my own loving self-talk to myself, people around me feel my positive presence. Without even having to say anything, you will start to notice people being attracted to your positive presence, and be energized by your energy. Your positive inner dialogue helps elevate others around you even when you are not saying anything to them, just thinking positive thoughts about yourself!!!! Because energy just radiates and flows out and touches others!! This is why this self-loving inner dialogue is so very important in making a better world.

  Have you noticed that there are people who just seem to light up a room when they walk in? Or people you just notice, even in a crowd because they are just radiating energy? You can bet that they have a very positive and strong self-image and are running some very positive internal self dialogue programs.

What are we internally telling ourselves each and every day? Are we just beating ourselves up, and judging ourselves? Are we too hard on ourselves, and are we our own worst enemy? That's the real work!! I feel we must start by changing that inner dialogue, by loving ourselves more and more, and then, even without having to say or do anything to anyone, the whole outer world changes to reflect that inner world. I have really noticed my physical world and others around me reflecting this.

Q: You've mentioned this feeling of Oneness before.  The connection to everything and the all that is, which you felt while in the NDE state.  Can you elaborate a little more on this feeling?

In that NDE state, I felt like I was connected to everything.  I was everything, and everything was me.  It's something that is so hard to explain, because the right words just don't exist.  It felt like there is no separation, until we come into physical life and look at the world through the Mind [or intellect].  In fact, it felt like the separation IS the Mind. 

There was SO much clarity in that state, but somehow, it did not feel like the clarity came from the Mind.  It's as if something else was doing the understanding, and that something else was able to identify the Mind as being separate, and the Mind as being the cause for disconnection from the all that is.  It felt like the Ego and the Mind were one.  So in that state, which is beyond the Mind, there was no Ego and no attachment.  And all was one.  The connection was felt with EVERYTHING.  There was no discrimination and no judgment against ANYONE or ANYTHING.  It felt as if suffering was caused by our own Mind turning against itself.  It felt as if, whether we are a criminal or a cancer patient, it all stems from the same thing.  It all stems from a sickness of, or separation because of the Mind.  Or from how the Mind interprets separation.

If only we knew how perfect and magnificent we are, there would be no hospitals and no prisons.  It feels as if imperfection is the creation of the Mind.  Judgment too.  EVERYTHING.  As physical Human Beings, we need to process information through our minds.  And all we perceive is separation, because that is how our minds process information.  But beyond the Mind, we are one, we are totally interconnected.  We are actually not our Mind.  We are something much, much more. 

Yet, when in that state, even though I felt at One with everything, I still seemed to recognize myself as a separate Being from the Oneness, as if I had my own evolution.  It was like I had this Mind, which is not me, but I sort of ... had an obligation to "evolve" it as best as I could, but I was OUTSIDE of my Mind looking at it.  When we are in the physical, we are INSIDE our mind looking out.  And the separation between all becomes more glaring and obvious.

It felt like all the problems and the issues of the world stemmed from our own, and the Collective Mind.  It felt like the Collective Mind is what creates the “illusion” which we live in, with all its collective thoughts and beliefs. 

    But I believe we always have the choice to see right through this, and create differently.  If I choose to do this, those around me are affected accordingly.  We can live in this world, but choose not to live in the illusion that has been created by everyone else. 

  Q: And speaking of “Mind,” what are your thoughts on telepathy? Do you see it as mind to mind communication?

It definitely feels like something from beyond the Mind, and not Mind to Mind.  To me, it feels like it's the connection we have with each other like I described above, the connection with the Oneness, the All That Is. 

I feel that we connect with others when we are in touch with that universal connection.  Here's what it feels like for me.  Let's say, for the sake of argument, I am able to telepathically communicate with you.  What has happened is that I have cleared my mind, and made it more transparent and become more connected to that Universal Oneness, and you are doing the same thing.  So, you and I are sort of accessing the same pool of "Oneness" info.  But the reason it feels like Mind to Mind communication is because here in the physical, we are both communicating and connecting on the Mind [intellectual] level.  But because we are both accessing the same info at the same time from that Oneness pool, and then when we use our Mind to communicate with each other, we notice we have both come to the same conclusion, and then we interpret it as our Minds have communicated to each other.  But actually, we've both tapped into the same "Oneness" pool. That's sort of how it feels to me.

This is why I feel it is important to keep clearing the attachments of the Mind, and make it more open to being connected to this Oneness.  And then the people who are appropriate for us, will connect with us because they will be at the same level of this clarity, and will be accessing this same Oneness pool from the same level we are.  People who are closed are walking around in a fog, colliding with others who are also in the same fog, and they are fumbling and struggling along with life.  Whereas those with the clarity are transparent, and practically walk right through the ones in the fog.  And no one can bump into them or derail them, because they are so transparent and light in their energy.  That's kind of how it feels like to me. 

For the full text including more on the medical aspects described in the unfolding of Anita's cancer, please go to either :
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Quotations from Neva Howell's book.

Neva Howell is a healer and spiritual visionary as well as having yet another life as an actress on film and TV. One of her better known roles was in the film "My Fellow Americans," with James Garner and Jack Lemmon. She played one of the ditzy car rental gals (She's the little redhead).

Soon after her introduction to the Native-American path of spirituality, Neva began a spiritual/healing practice known as the Moon Lodge. The process involves isolation during the menstrual cycle, to pray for others and for vision. The "Moon Lodge" represents a private place of retreat for women on their cycle. She had read or heard that this ancient practice would be a transformational experience. From her very first "Lodge", that statement proved to be true. Her work as a healer "swiftly entered more and more powerful levels, my creativity soared and my awareness of things spiritual expanded at an amazing rate". She has written a book called "Moon Lodge Visions – A Sacred Journey of Acceleration for the Divinely Human of Mother Earth". This is largely based on her insights and visions gained during her monthly retreats. The following are excerpts from her book :

Encounters with my Extraterrestrial Relatives:

I had a life-altering experience in the mountains near our home of "A Place of the Heart". I was having a very hard time struggling up the side of the mountain. I've never been particularly good at hiking or strenuous exercise, and kept slipping, scratching myself on tree branches, and running out of breath. At one point, I stopped and rested on a mound of huge stones. As I looked around, I realized there were many such mounds, and that there was some kind of symmetry to them. Following from stone mound to stone mound, I was shown my planet of origin (the frequency base from which I first began my Earth experiments) and the highest aspects of myself there. Like a window opening out of thin air, I saw the other place and "The Golden Ones". My heart was simultaneously full of exquisite joy and unbearable sadness. There were many of us who died, coming to Earth. I felt each sacrifice pass through me, and wept for a long time. I also received activation of certain frequencies from my "home planet", vibrational adjustments that have allowed me to stay in more consistent contact with All That I Am.

The next experience that in fact birthed "The Search" was actually my second conscious encounter with "The Golden Ones". This occurred in front of our house, on another mountain and at night. My husband, Mac, and I were hiking up the mountain. I was trailing behind, wheezing and groping for Tree Brothers to help me up. We stopped to rest. Sitting on a large Stone, leaning back against Mac's chest, I suddenly and unexpectedly left my body, completely. I was pulled, very rapidly, up a channel of light from a distant star. I could "see" my body, far below on Earth, kind of the same way the monitor looks on "Star Trek" when someone comes on-screen to talk. I could not speak to Mac, or move at all. I knew, with no doubt whatsoever, that if Mac let me go, I'd roll all the way down the mountain. This was the only fear I felt, and would probably have made what followed impossible, had the beings not "number over" my terror. It was like using laughing gas at the dentist: I knew I was terrified but I just couldn't really care.

I found myself at a council table, facing an incredibly beautiful Being who seemed to be male, though I'm not certain of that. The Being glowed a soft, golden hue and had eyes that were more like soft teal lights within a gently outlined face. I had never felt such love and respect directed at me. They (there were others around the table) told me many things that night. They also worked on my physical body in ways that would have caused unbelievable pain in the physical world. They explained why they were doing what they were doing. There was absolutely no pain and, because there was no fear of them, it was not a traumatic experience at all. However, when I came back into my body with a violent jerk, I went into hysterics. I was in total fear of not being able to control my physical body. Then I calmed down and realized just how very attached to this human form I had become - even after I had only been out of it for only a short time. That was the only disturbing aspect of the entire experience.

If you have not had contact with any form of extraterrestrial Being, you probably will within a couple of year's time. I encourage you to energize the prospect with positive energy, and seek help in dealing with negative or fearful feelings that may come up when you consider a meeting with those of your home planet.

Shared experiences on film and in the theater:

When a group of people come together in the dark womb of a movie theater, to experience an alternate reality together, significant energy gets shifted. A spontaneous burst of laughter, from two hundred people connecting with a point of humor at exactly the same time and in close proximity to each other, generates a healing capacity that is quite sizable. Two hundred movie-goers simultaneously screaming in terror creates a cleansing and clearing energy vortex - a collective release of fear reactions in the group energy field. It is liberating to face one's nightmares, even if only in the safety of the darkened cinema. While the screams are triggered by the on-screen stimulus, they also trigger individual release of genuine fear, as well. Each person there, depending on their particular fear-grid, can receive lessening of fear tensions if they allow it to happen.

When an audience is collectively moved to tears, by the mistreatment of a character in the film, a new empathy is born and shared. While the tears, on the surface, seem to be triggered by the level of acting on the screen, they are, in fact, triggered by actual life similarities within the audience members. There is empathy and a transference of emotional energy. A theater group who has shared an emotional film journey together has also shared many other levels of awareness during the course of the film, spiritually. They have re-established spiritual ties, balanced past lives, changed perceptions, released old patterns, come to new awareness, and activated gridlines of connectedness with the other audience members. They have gotten to know each other, through the medium of shared experience. It is probable that these same people, attracted by the energy of certain films, will interact in a darkened theater again, at another movie. Perhaps, next time, they will choose to speak at the refreshment counter, or walking toward their cars. Perhaps, they will bring this shared experience into a more conscious level between them.

One enlightened being, in the midst of any crowded theater, can accelerate the group consciousness of the entire audience, simply by tuning in to the journey that particular group has chosen to take together. This is accomplished by focus on the message, characters, emotional tone, and energy level of the film itself, and serving as an active channel for the highest aspects of those energies.

This same channeling is possible, of course, at any common gathering and can be equally powerful during church services, natural disaster relief efforts, activist demonstrations, or waiting in line at the unemployment service. A group comes together for a common and known experience, but receives another, more spiritual experience, as well. This is always true. The only question is whether we will be consciously involved in the higher level experience, and thus receive all the new awareness that can result, or simply leave with a vague feeling of missing something — perhaps, something vital?

Close Persons and Partners:

Do you ever feel like you married your Mother? Your Father? Your own dark side? Does it feel like deja-vu all over again, when you see your Grandmother's stern glare or your brother's bullying stance, overlay the face of your partner? Maybe you don't recognize those faces from your past yet. Maybe you are only aware that no one on Earth (with the exception of members of your immediate family) can push your emotional hot buttons quite as quickly or intensely as your most intimate relationship. If you look closely, and you are able to short-circuit the emotional roller-coaster of action-reaction long enough, you will probably see another face pop out, just like one of those 3-D pictures. The truth, as I see it, is that our most intimate relationships are those that most closely mirror either our own most challenging aspects of personality (the parts of ourselves that we try not to own), and/or the aspects of one or more of our core family group. We unconsciously choose these mirrors because our Soul knows that these unresolved issues from our past are the very issues that keep us from progressing and growing.

Our closest relationships offer us wonderful opportunities for growth, sharing, learning and healing the past. When two people come together with spiritual awareness that enables them to fully know and expect that each will trigger the other into looking at challenges that impede growth and acceleration, and when each is fully committed to healing themselves, the relationship can be a catalyst for transformation in both. On the other hand, if the ego maintains control, relationships deteriorate into battles of will, which can distract both people from their spiritual path for years, or even for life.

Intimate relationships, in particular those involving a commitment of marriage, require a great deal of personal honesty to work to the highest potential. Since it is difficult for many of us to completely trust another human being, to the extent that we can allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable, the relationship becomes a symbol of our relationship to God. I believe that the extent to which we can merge with another is an exact indication of the extent to which we can merge with God. In developing trust, respect, honor, and faith with another human being, we are working out a deeper relationship with Godforce.

If you can consider the idea that relationships are mirrors, and that part of the responsibility of being in one is to clear and heal past hurts, release limiting beliefs based on past experience, and open the heart that has been closed by past damage, then it is easy to see why our closest relationships are the most challenging. If one of the partners doesn't want the lesson presented, it makes for a tedious path. If both resist, it is an exercise in futility and a choice to walk through life in chaos and conflict. Though it is hard to believe anyone would make that choice, the reality is that many of us find it easier to argue and defend our position than to get to the bottom of what is really bothering us.

Direct and honest communications have become imperative, and no where are they more important than in close relationships. We must begin to say what we mean, and mean what we say. Of course, the other side of communication involves listening. For many of us, the mental activities are so active that we have to re-learn how to hear what someone is saying to us. Listening is a fine art, almost a lost art. To complete the circle of clear communication, we must be willing to hear what our partner is saying, apart from any immediate response we might wish to insert. Learning to let someone completely "have their say" without interruption is a challenge in this fast-paced, action-oriented society, but it is crucial to good relationships. It has been my experience that, as long as I am mentally defending my position, I hear very little of what the other person is trying to say.

Working for others and the Feedback Loop:

One of the ways I define success is doing work that is helpful to others. I want to give and the focus is slanted toward that end of the process, more than the receiving end. Yet, working in this way also connects me to the most powerful feedback loop that exists! Think how many times you have read something in a book that fed you spiritually or opened new awareness and then turned to find the author's picture and energized it with thoughts of gratitude and thanks. Perhaps, you even wrote a letter or shared the experience with another friend, who then bought the book . . . Something in you knew that the transmission of those kind thoughts and prayers made a difference to the author. When spiritual people receive something that is of value, they give back on more than the monetary level. They send prayers, good thoughts, gifts, spiritual support, etc, for what they have received. They are aware of the Spirit Web and know how to use it, which creates instantaneous returns of energy to the auric field of the person who has gifted them. If you wish to give, you absolutely must be willing to receive. It is the Law.

The feedback loop is real, regardless of the type of product or service you are offering but it is much more intense when offering gifts of Spirit than more work-a-day products, such as dishwasher detergent or toilet paper. Therefore, if you are the creator of spiritual products or offer a spiritual service, the energetic nature of your gift will mean that the development of a larger base of distribution may be slow (in terms of linear time), so you can effectively integrate returning energies. If you have any kind of resistance to receiving or have been focusing primarily on giving, the process will be slower still. Do not despair but rejoice. The same energies that might overwhelm you now, will one day carry you high, clear and free! If you are involved in developing something that will be serving others, expect the feedback loop to be massive! Work daily to increase your capacity to receive goodness back into your life. You will receive so much back that your "bliss tolerance level" will most likely require expansion, even if it was quite healthy to begin with, due to the rapid increase of feedback energies from those you serve with your gifts.

Connecting on Higher Levels:

In 1996,1 had an incredible shift in awareness, regarding what happens during group gatherings. The dawning of this awareness began inconsistently a few years ago, as something I noticed periodically and erroneously credited to the particular ceremony in progress, or the spiritual energy of the people I was with at the time. Now, I understand that this experience happens any time two or more are gathered together. When two or more people come together - in love, fighting like dogs and cats, or total strangers; aware of one another or oblivious to each other's presence; gathered for a defined spiritual purpose or a yard sale — there are other dimensions involved and another level of communication going on. This is not something I have found it easy to articulate. For example, what may be experienced as a simple, third-dimensional event such as ordering a cheese-burger at a drive-through is, simultaneously, a balancing of energies and an exchange of spiritual information between the customer and the person at the drive-through counter. This higher event happens on another, parallel dimension. When one vibrates at a sufficiently high frequency on this other dimension, the higher event, and the thoughtform energies associated with it, become visible in the lower third-dimension.

It's like watching two television sets at once (I used to do that in department stores, and it always made me feel strange - as if it meant something more than I could understand, which, of course, it did! It reminded me of something I knew, but had forgotten was going on.), or looking at a split computer screen. Dual reality exists at every moment

Since I've had this realization, I am quite often aware of an entire group of soul energies in the higher parallel dimension, speaking to one another at the same time that another conversation takes place on the physical level. For a time, I was constantly and acutely aware of this duality of experience all the time. For me, it has become necessary to consciously choose to be less aware. I found it hard to participate in the third-dimensional experiences I had chosen, so engrossed did I become with how much more was transpiring on higher levels. This is hard to explain and, unless you have actually experienced it, it may be difficult to follow what I am saying. It is the same realization I was made acutely aware of when I was drawn to the site of the two automobile accidents I've written about. At the time, I credited the gathering of higher aspects to be a direct result of the intensity of the energies associated with such an event. Seeing Angels, loved ones who have passed on, etc., is common whenever death is imminent or the fear of death is brought into the forefront of consciousness, as is the case with a car crash. I assumed the beings were there because of the death energies. Now, I understand them to be equally present at the grocery store, the laundromat, and the hospital.

This awareness has caused me to approach even the slightest encounter with another person differently than I would have approached the same encounter before this awareness. I've become less concerned with getting my dinner ordered, my laundry done, my check cashed, etc. In private conversation, it matters less that I get my opinion voiced, my question asked, my statement made. I find myself caring less and less what I actually say in lectures, or private healing sessions. Anything my ego mind plans to say will be less effective than the higher voice, so why bother? I'm less result-oriented. Now, I wait to see the bigger picture, the higher picture, come into focus. I allow higher communications to filter down to physical consciousness. I understand, now, that those higher aspects are ever gathered and ready to assist us in creating the optimal experience of exchange and communication. Assuming, always, unknown reasons for any interaction, I wait for the real reason to show itself. The ego baits us with one idea. It gets us there, and that's important. What we do after our arrival has a most exciting potential. When we are willing to wait and to listen, we will find conversations shifting from the ego level - what we thought we came together to discuss - to a higher level. If, on the other hand, we remain rigidly attached to whatever we felt was the reason for the encounter, then we miss something - perhaps, something vital.

Leave room for the drawing down of the Higher Voice — that voice is the reason for your coming together with another, no matter how coincidental or random an interaction may seem and no matter what you thought the meeting was about. These higher aspects, or soul energies are subtle magnets, drawing related groups together for integration, balance and the remembering of ancient purpose. The "fourth dimension" is right here, right now. We can enter it at will, once we remember the vibration of energy required. Watch the other screen!

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Dianne Robbins:
Quotations from two of her books.

The Subterranean City of Telos

These channelings by Dianne Robbins as Lailel are from Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a subterranean city of a million souls beneath Mt. Shasta in California. It is inhabited by members of the remaining underground Lemurian civilization on Earth who were forced to develop life out of sight of the surface world some 12,000 years ago, at the time of the final destruction of Atlantis and remnants of Lemuria.

Greetings from Telos! I AM ADAMA, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta in California (USA). I am dictating this message to you from my home beneath the Earth, where over a million of us live in perpetual peace and prosperity.

We are human and physical just as you, except for the fact that we live at a higher vibration rate and our mass consciousness holds thoughts of only Immortality and Perfect Health. Therefore, we can live hundreds and even thousands of years in the same body. I, myself, have been in the same body now for over 600 years.

We came here over 12,000 years ago before a thermonuclear war took place that destroyed much of the Earth's surface. We faced such hardships and calamities above ground, that we decided to continue our evolution underground…… We had hoped to save all our Lemurian people, but there was only time to save 25 thousand souls. The remainder of our race perished in the blast.

For the past 12,000 years, we have been able to rapidly evolve in consciousness due to our isolation from the marauding bands of extraterrestrials and other hostile races that prey on the surface population. Recently, the surface population has been experiencing great leaps of consciousness in preparation for humanity to move through the Photon Belt and into the New Age at the end of this millennium. It is for this reason that we have begun to contact surface dwellers to make our existence known. For in order for the Earth and Humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above.

It is for this reason that we are contacting you to make you aware of our underground existence, so you can bring the fact of our existence to the attention of our fellow brothers and sisters above ground.

We broadcast to you from beneath Mt. Shasta in California where over a million of us dwell. We are very evolved beings, living many lifetimes in one. We go about our business in harmony and love, and reap many benefits that accrue during our long life spans. Our lives span many centuries of your time on the surface, therefore, we're able to accomplish much more in our lives. We can use all our lives to our benefit because we are able to go back to our previous lives through our amino based computer system to recall the past.. This is a technology that we, from the underground, will be bringing to your surface when we emerge. Connecting to your past lives and learning from your life's lessons is necessary to this current incarnation. So be prepared for this great adventure of tapping into your past lives.

You, too, will be living long lives when you enter the Photon Belt of Light and receive its life rays of health and longevity. There is nothing to prepare for, since you will be aided fully before this time of entry arrives. Know that you are on Earth at this time to assist all of Humanity with its entry into the Photon Belt. All souls incarnating at this time have done so with full understanding of what is to happen.

That's why there are so many people on Earth today, more than there ever was, because all souls want to be involved in these "End Times". Also all souls who ever incarnated in Earth have returned. You are one such soul. These End Times can be met with harmony and joy, or fear and chaos. The choice is yours.

We recommend that you view this with your eyes turned to God, while your feet walk the Earth; for God is in full command of everything and you are all in His hands. There is nothing to fear, only joy and immense well-being will be the result of Earth's transition into the Light.

Twin Flames

It should be explained here that your "Twin Flame" is a term used on the higher planes for your eternal Soul Twin, a complementary soul partner expressing the opposite polarity, i.e. male-positive or female-negative.

It is I, ADAMA, here to speak to you about TWIN FLAMES. Know that your twin flames are near, as near to you as your heart, and they wait patiently for you to contact them, for you to connect consciously with them on the Earth plane.

You have come to Earth with a purpose and with a mission to complete. The purpose is not an individualized one, but rather one in which your Twin Flame is an integral part. You and your Twin Flame contracted for this particular mission at this particular incarnation in time. You both have a part to play, a role to carry out, and at this time it is necessary for both you and your Twin Flame to consciously connect with one another for the dual purpose of reuniting and completing this mission. For this is the way you work best.. Most of your Twin Flames are in the fifth dimension, guiding you from above. It is to your advantage to channel your Twin Flame for instructions and guidance specifically for you.. You already know your Twin Flame on the Inner Planes. Now is the time to bring that consciousness into your present reality.

Also channeled by Dianne (LAILEL):

The CALL GOES OUT: Messages from the Earth's Cetaceans.
This book contains telepathic messages from the whales and dolphins, themselves a highly evolved race with great intelligence, whose function on Earth at the present time is to monitor the state of the ocean beds. This information is used by our Space-brothers as part of their own monitoring of Planet Earth's condition prior to the coming changes. The Cetaceans also tell us how difficult life has now become for them in our oceans through constant attack and harassment by fishing and whaling ships. A very moving and informative book, from which we have made the following excerpts:

The Cetaceans' vital role in monitoring and protecting our Planet and Humanity

My Dear Child of the Earth. We are The Cetaceans greeting you from beneath the waters of your oceans. We are here with you on Earth's journey to the Stars. We are here in great numbers, preparing for the Earth's emergence into Light. We came here especially for this time when the Earth would be transiting into a higher dimension. We are here in our full consciousness, waiting patiently for Earth's children to bloom into the Caretakers you were meant to me. We have been brought to Earth from different Star Systems, just as you have, as all of us, together, are here to bring the Earth through her Ascension on the other side of the "Veil".

We are here in vast numbers monitoring your Earth and skies by using our sonar to pick up deadly and destructive devices that could harm Earth's children on land and in the sea. We have the vast capability of detecting those devices that are out of sync with the natural surroundings of Earth. We use this gift of detection to report our findings to the Galactic Command who in turn investigate our sightings.

We are brave and courageous and carry the keys to Earth's survival in our genes. We wish you to know that all the answers are encoded in your DNA strands waiting for you to decode them through your climb into higher consciousness where you'll be able to access the storehouse of information that's found within you. As you begin to access this information, you'll find that the keys to life will appear automatically each step of the way as you need them.

As you climb higher and higher on the path, you'll begin to be consciously aware of us and consciously in tune with our energy, so that you can tap into our consciousness at will, since we will soon be ONE consciousness climbing the path to greater and greater heights. We are all connected as ONE, even now, although our energy is too faint for you to notice. But soon, as your consciousness increases, so too will the melody of our energy be brought to your ears as a symphony of Love from us to you.

Thank you for receiving this message. We are ONE with you all. Adonai our friends.

One group mind

THE CETACEANS send you greetings from the Earth's oceans. We are ONE GROUP MIND broadcasting our thoughts to you from the depths of the oceans. We cast our nets of thoughts out to you, so to speak, to ensnare you in our consciousness.

We are ever hoping to connect more and more with Earth Humans in hope of creating an Alliance with your Species that will protect our lives on the seas.

We are here in great numbers monitoring your oceans. We track all movements in the Earth's depth and relay our information to the Galactic Command. We are the Guardians of the Earth, and have taken over your role of stewardship until you can again resume it. We, too, will be making the transition into Light, and we, too, will be guiding you through the Photon Belt.

Our thoughts are always going out to you on the waves of the oceans. We are always waiting and ready to connect with you on land. Although we are confined to the water, our thoughts travel out to the Universe and carry our feelings and information to all who connect to our wave length.

We are so joyous to be connected to you on land. You can now convey our thoughts through this book where we will have an outlet at last. We thank you for connecting with us, and for being our spokesperson at this time of Earth changes.

Stay tuned to our frequency as we are attuned to yours. WE SALUTE YOU IN THE LIGHT. The Cetaceans.

We will be transferring our responsibilities of caring for the Earth to you

Greetings. We are harbingers of good news. Your planet is moving safely and swiftly toward the Photon Belt and soon we will all be immersed in its Light particles. All Earth is preparing for this great event, and all Earth will be ready for its immersion into Light. Your planet will look differently and feel differently once you fully enter this belt of Light. All life forms are preparing for this event at a cellular molecular level, for it is at this level that the most profound changes will occur. Changes that will change your density and change your destiny, all at once.

The Cetaceans are involved in this molecular changeover. We are the avant garde leading the way to your new home in the Sirius B Constellation. This has been a great responsibility and we have taken our roles seriously, knowing every step of the way the gravity of this situation.

We care for all life on planet Earth, for all life has been in our charge for all these eons, when humanity couldn't exercise its responsibility. So now is the time when we will begin relinquishing our hold, and transferring to you the great responsibilities of properly caring for the Earth and all its life. Soon you will again be the Caretakers you were meant to be.

With Love and Gratitude to you, our brothers and sisters on land.

Humans came from other star systems

We are the Cetaceans beaming our energy waves out to you, our dearest Sister on land. We greet you in the sunlight of God's heaven, where all is beauty and all is Light.

Today it is sunny, and the sunlight reaches the beaches surrounding the oceans. We lie back and bask in the sun, the glorious Light from God. We are all God's creatures, every single one of us no matter our size or shape. We were all created from ONE SOURCE, and it is this Source that gives us sustenance and life.

You on the Earth, known as Humans, came from other Star Systems to populate the Earth and be its Caretakers. Your DNA was tampered with along the way, by past civilizations and by renegades from Outer Space. This has slowed down your evolution, to the point where up to now you were barely crawling. With the huge input of energy being directed to your Earth within the last few years, your evolution is again picking up speed, to the point where you will soon blast off into full consciousness and at last be with us in the Higher Dimensions.

Your consciousness levels are increasing daily, as more and more Light is filtering into the Earth from our great Central Sun. All Beings of Light, who are here from other Star systems, are converging and focusing their Light to all life on Earth for the great emergence into the 5th dimension.

All species are rising in consciousness as all Earth is rising in consciousness until there will be only ONE consciousness afloat on Earth, as Earth herself floats through the starry universe on her way home to Sirius B.

Thank you for making this trip with us. For without you, there would be no reason for us to be here. For all life is here in support of Earth humans in their great quest for higher consciousness leading them back home to their God Selves.

We are grateful to all on Earth who have been vociferous in protecting our Species out at sea. For it is through the LIGHT OF YOUR VOICES that we are still here and still able to carry out our tasks as Caretakers of this planet, until you've imbibed enough Light to be able to take over the Caretakership of Earth yourself.

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Archangel Raphael
channeled by Jeannie Weyrick & Richard Putman

Question:What I'm most curious about is what you perceive ascension to be...not just the process of achieving ascension, but the experience of ascension.

Archangel Raphael:While ascending is individual for the Light workers before the final Ascension, it will be a mass event in the future for everyone on Earth who wishes to take part in it and move on to their next level of spiritual development. Ascending is optional and a choice to be made by each person.

The Ascension has been predicted by many civilizations throughout history and is known by other names, it has also been called the Second Coming and the Golden Age.

What is happening at this time is that the people on Earth are getting ready for a graduation of sorts. Everyone who wishes to go beyond the 3rd dimension and their current spiritual level has the opportunity to advance beyond them with a lot of help now and in the years to come.

Right now the Light workers; many of whom have incarnated from the higher dimensions specifically to help with the Ascension in this lifetime, are preparing themselves to consciously ascend. When they do they will be consciously connected to that part of their vast higher dimensional self that is helping the people on Earth with their ascensions. They will be able to use their higher dimensional connection to help the people on Earth. They will be able to teach greater spiritual concepts and truths and show the way for others to ascend.

The 5th dimensional Earth is where some people will be ascending to in the final mass Ascension. The Earth is multidimensional and like all entities it already exists in several dimensions. The 5D Earth is the next step in spiritual advancement for some people on the Earth. Others will choose to ascend to a non-physical dimension. There are choices to be made by people when they ascend.

There are millions of Light workers on Earth right now and most of them have not awakened yet, meaning they have little or no idea of who they are and why they are here right now. When the first of the Light workers ascend they will be writing books and eventually using every form of media to get out information to help awaken these Light workers and teach people in general about the Ascension.

All people on the Earth today knew about the opportunity of the Ascension in this lifetime and it is the main reason they chose to be born during this time period. Each person here wished to experience the Ascension in some way, even if it were not to ascend themselves.

A tremendous effort will be made to make it very clear that this time is not to be feared. It is a time of great joy and spiritual advancement and not a time of destruction and judgement as some believe. Some of the information about this time on Earth that has been received over the last several thousand years was interpreted through fear and very limited beliefs and this has greatly distorted the messages in many cases.

Question:What happens? Where do you go? What do you do? Can it be communicated in a way that a lay-person could understand?

Raphael:The Light workers are from a variety of dimensions which are well above the 5D. They are also from a variety of places. Some are from planets that have already evolved into the higher dimensions and some are from non-physical dimensions. But all of the Light workers from the higher dimensions that are here, who chose to have a planetary existence, are teachers and messengers of All That Is (God) and are here to help implement the Divine Plan. As such they would be considered more like Angelic Beings than as "ETs" in the way that many people understand the term "ET". The ETs that most people think of as "aliens" are from the 3rd/4th dimensions and are not necessarily any more spiritually advanced than the people on Earth.

"ETs" from the lower dimensions are not "Beings of Light". A Being of Light is a person who has developed beyond the limitations of the 3rd/4th dimensions and is operating with conscious connection to their Higher Self. They also have God Consciousness, meaning they have an understanding of Oneness with All That Is and all of Creation on an intimate level. So what each Light worker experiences in their own personal Ascension will be unique and individual depending on the dimension they are from and the place that they are ascending "home" to.

The dimensions are not really numbered one through whatever. Any numbers given are just used as a reference to what people think of as the 3rd dimension. The dimensions exist as different levels of consciousness. As you advance in dimensions you expand your understanding and capacity for love and your ability to help and serve others. There is an unlimited number of dimensions. There can also be many different places within each dimension, just like there are many, many planets within the 3rd dimension. The number of dimensions is not limited because beings are ever advancing, growing and creating more dimensions and places within each dimension to experience.

When Light workers Ascend they consciously connect with the portion of their Higher dimensional Self from which they incarnated here. In some cases their Higher dimensional Self may be very vast and have many different aspects of itself. During the Ascension process this merging back with your Higher dimensional Self starts to take place right from the beginning of your Ascension process on Earth.

The Ascension process is accomplished in part by doing energy and consciousness expansion work with your Higher dimensional Self. This work is usually done with the help of your personal guides, who are many times a part of your extended spiritual family in the higher dimensions.

Energy is Divine Light. It is what everyone and every thing is made of in all dimensions. It carries with it God Consciousness and it is how All That Is experiences all of Creation; all portions of itself. The Divine energy can carry within it great love and information.

The energy used to help you can also be the personal energy of your Higher Self, one of your guides, Sananda or any Ascended Master or Angelic Being or group of beings. What makes it their personal energy is that they channel the Divine energy through themselves first before channeling it through you for your ascension work or for channeled information or just to share their love with you.

The more that you expand your consciousness and raise your ability to work with the Divine energy, the greater your capacity to merge back with your higher dimensional self and to be in conscious communication with them and other beings in the higher dimensions.

After ascending and merging back with their Higher dimensional Self, the Light workers will live and work in the higher dimensions and on the Earth, moving back and forth consciously between the dimensions.

The people who are ascending for the first time into the 5D in the final Ascension will be very consciously connected with their Higher Self and have the opportunity to choose where in the 5D they wish to go for their next step in learning and growing. They will stay in the 5D afterwards and not come back to the 3rd/4th dimensional Earth.

The Fifth Dimension is a dimension that offers both physical planetary experiences and non-physical experiences to choose from.

So there is a difference in what will be experienced by the Light workers, who will ascend "back home" consciously, but stay on the 3D Earth physically to help with the Ascension and the people who will ascend into the 5D for the first time in the final Mass Ascension and remain there.

There is an acclimatization process after the initial Ascension experience in all cases. The Light workers will experience themselves going back home to the dimension and place they come from, but it will be done in a step by step process over a period of time. This process is very individual and the steps taken and the length of time needed to complete the process will depend on the individual person. They have to expand their consciousness slowly to go from being a 3D person, which they became by incarnating here, to merging back with the higher dimensional being that they incarnated here from.

In the higher dimensions when you reach a certain point of advancement, the "Twin Flames", the male/female halves unite to form a single being. In those dimensions a lot of time is spent being non-physical, but you can manifest a body and a physical environment if and when that is desired. The body that is manifested can either be male, female or a single androgynous body.

While Twin Flames are united beings, they can still manifest as either their male or female portions even as their consciousnesses are totally joined as one. Most of the Ascended Masters, from the dimensions that they are channeled from are united beings in this way, even though they are channeled as either their male or female self. All of the Archangels and other very spiritually advanced beings are also united beings in this way. Some of the Light workers will be ascending back to a dimension that is non-physical and where their higher dimensional self is a united male/female being.

After Light workers ascend and are acclimatized they will be able to use their higher dimensional knowledge and abilities to help people. Tens of thousands of Light workers worldwide will be able to help people and the Earth by bringing about greater spiritual and cosmic understanding.

The Light workers will ascend as they are personally ready, but most will ascend before the final Ascension of the Earth. The people of the Earth have a choice as to whether they ascend or not, as does every Light worker. The Ascension is a spiritual awakening and for those who choose it, a step to their next level of spiritual advancement. There is no need for it to be accompanied by years of strife and destruction to be accomplished.

Everyone on Earth will know that preparation for the Ascension is taking place and will have an opportunity to participate if they wish to.

For all of the people on Earth this can be a wondrous time of awaking to the spiritual being that they are and an opportunity to move on to a much more complex and rewarding life at the next level of their spiritual development. You asked about our personal process and what it is like for us. The beginning of that process really took place when our Guides, came into our lives consciously and started to teach us and work with us energetically.

Archangel Raphael

The above is quoted from the book:
ASCENSION: The Doorway Home
Channeled Messages by Archangel Raphael, St. Germain, Ashtar and Sananda

by Jeannie Weyrick & Richard Putman.

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In the book "THE TREASURE OF EL DORADO" by Joseph Whitfield [Treasure Publications, P.O. Box 3300, Roanoke, Virginia 24015-1300, USA], Joseph is contacted by El Dorado, a Spiritual Master communicating from the High Spiritual Planes. Through the assistance of El Dorado, Joseph is put in touch with various other Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, one of whom is Kut Humi (Koothumi), Earth Chohan (Director) of the Second Ray of the Seven Rays of Service. The Second Ray is the Yellow Ray of Intellect and Science, concerned with Mind and Intelligence in the intellectual understanding of Divine Laws.

Readers might be interested to know that Kut Humi's previous Earth incarnations were as: Aristotle; John the Beloved; Lao-Tze (China, 6th century B.C.); Theodosius (Emperor of Rome, 4th Century A.D.); St. Columba (known as the Apostle of Caledonia, who helped to convert Scotland to Christianity, 5th century A.D.); St. Francis of Assisi (Italy 12-13th century A.D., founder of the Franciscan Order) and Leonardo da Vinci (Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist, 15-16th century A.D.).

Kut Humi discusses the 'Veil' of non-communication between humans and other planetary beings, and confirms that it will soon be lifted with the forthcoming changes and upliftment of Planet Earth at the end of this present millennium.

Kut Humi:

"At this moment, Planet Earth is the only Planet in our Solar System where Man has not yet reached the cosmic level of awareness permitting communication with other planetary civilizations. This level of consciousness must now be rapidly attained in order to fulfill the Divine Plan.

"You may at this point be thinking, 'but our space probes haven't revealed any Human life or civilization on any other planets.' And my answer to your thoughts is that you limit yourself to unreality when you rely solely upon your five physical senses, and upon the findings of conventional Earth science, to tell you whether or not intelligent Human life exists on the other planets of our solar system. Not only is there Human life on the other planets of our solar system, but the inhabitants are generally more evolved than you of Earth. Furthermore, they are in communication with each other, and in some instances with people on Earth. It is because this communication does exist, much the same way as your are presently experiencing, that you can be aware of the reality of the above statements.

"When Atlantis was at its height, there was open communication between Earth and the other planets of our solar system. After the "Fall", however, this open communication was removed. Now that man of Earth has again evolved to a point where he can make the transition into the fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness, communication and contacts with extraterrestrial beings has greatly increased."
The Ascended Master Kut Humi.

UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials

From the same book source as above, the Ascended Master Hilarion gives Joseph Whitfield a further discourse, this one being on UFO's and "extraterrestrials". The Master Hilarion is also a member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, and is Chohan/Director of the Green Fifth Ray, the Ray of Integration and the unifying cohesiveness of God. This Ray is used in healing and synthesizing varied modes of expression. Hilarion's previous Earth incarnations were as Plato and as Paul the Apostle.


"The presence of extraterrestrials should be one of the most reassuring events that is taking place on Earth. Instead, it is often the cause of great fear and apprehension. Fear is born of ignorance. Were it not so, people would welcome their Space Brothers with open arms. No doubt, they will be more welcome when their presence is better understood.

"Many changes are required to prepare Earth for the Aquarian Age. The Space Brothers are prepared to assist in many ways, once their presence is understood and accepted.

"As stated previously by Kut Humi, our whole solar system is moving into a new Great Cycle Orbit within its Galaxy of the Milky Way. In this new cycle, our entire Solar System will be functioning at a higher rate of dimensional vibration and expression. As the Galactic timetable rapidly unfolds when this orderly evolution is to take place, all planets of the Solar System are prepared except Earth. Since Earth is the laggard, it is quite natural that the inhabitants of our Solar System should direct their attention and efforts to Earth and render whatever aid is necessary short of outright interference. Until now, such aid has consisted primarily of the following: (1) Communicating through channels like you in the hope that their messages would receive wide publication, and (2) Making frequent appearances around Earth (at the physical/third dimensional vibration level) so that their spacecraft would be visible to large numbers of people.

"Quite obviously, these efforts have not been altogether successful. Fear and consternation have greeted most spacecraft appearances. For years their presence has met with official government silence. When anyone in government did speak out, it was to deny their extraterrestrial character and to explain away the incidents as some type of natural phenomenon. All major governments of Earth have repeatedly received information through various channels to explain the extraterrestrial presence. These have been ignored as the product of a deranged mind. Surely, at some point, someone must come to the realization that the 'problem' of the existence of spacecraft is not going to disappear because man of Earth officially refuses to recognize their presence.

"Public acceptance is not promoted when 'contactees' react to the presence of spacecraft with terror. The account of a terrified contactee can rarely be expected to reflect actual circumstances. Their very terror precludes rational explanation of the encounter. But the whole point is that if the general populace were educated to the realities of life in our solar system, people might not react with such fear to the presence of extraterrestrial beings.

"Let us proceed further into a clearer understanding.

"As Kut Humi has told you, every planet in our solar system is inhabited by Human beings. Don't be misled by the fact that this Human life has not yet been detected by the third dimensional scientific instruments of Earth. Just as Kirlian photography reveals 'auras' that the untrained Human eye is unable to discern, instruments will soon be invented which can 'see' this life that exists in the other planetary vibrations. Until that time, any rational person should at least give serious thought to the possibility of Human life existing in an environment beyond the observation of one not attuned to that particular type of physical vibration.

"So, the fact is that every planet in our solar system is inhabited by Human beings. They have physical bodies just as Earth man has a physical body, but their higher vibration rate renders them invisible to your third-dimension eyes. Their civilizations, their knowledge, their life styles, vary from planet to planet, but they are all in a state of spiritual evolution more advanced than man of Earth...

"In the more advanced life style that exist on other planets, people no longer select their leaders in a political manner. Their level of consciousness has progressed beyond that method of government. In their more advanced state of consciousness they can readily discern who among them is most qualified to lead. Leadership then naturally falls to those individuals. One could best describe this leadership as spiritual rather than political. However, it is not spiritual in any religious sense. It is spiritual in the sense of a fuller use of inherent spiritual faculties, as distinguished from the sensory intellectual approach of Earth. It is a much more orderly, fair, economical, ethical, effective and enlightened approach to government than that which Earth now practices.

"A still higher system of spiritual government exists within our Solar System. This level of government is referred to as the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System. The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of the most spiritually advanced souls in the Solar System, and it is composed of both Human beings and Angelic beings of very high development. It is the Spiritual Hierarchy that is in charge, so to speak, of the orderly evolution of all aspects of the Divine Plan within our Solar System. It is they, more than anyone else, who can sense the transitional requirements necessary to keep our Solar System in harmony with our Galaxy. If you can accept this information, then it should not be difficult to accept that the Spiritual Hierarchy is very much concerned with bringing Earth quickly to a higher level of understanding."

The Ascended Master Hilarion.

THE TREASURE OF EL DORADO by Joseph Whitfield.
Published by Treasure Publications,
P.O.Box 3300, ROANOKE, Virginia 24015-1300, USA. ISBN 0-912119-02-0

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Commander ASHTAR on ascending to the Confederation Mother Ships
Channeled by Eric Klein

All must be lifted or leave this planet in some way in the remaining years in order to make way for the Earth's clearing. There will be much training offered to you. You will be able to experience a great deal of wonder at first until you re-acclimatize yourself. You will be taken to one of the Mother Ships. There we will have a great celebration. We are growing impatient to be reunited with you as you are with us. You will find that it is likely some of you may have surpassed us in your spiritual evolvement. So I would recommend that you do not look at us as Gods who are above you, who are to be worshiped, but, rather as your brothers and sisters.......

....So, what is it like living on an etheric 5th-dimensional ship? It is quite pleasant and aesthetic. Some of the ships are hundreds of miles in diameter. There are cycles such as you experience here of day and night ... simulated cycles. Sunlight is processed in a way such as to still allow for a day and night experience. There are natural settings. We have forests, streams, lakes, and oceans full of creatures. We do not have poison oak, however! We have selected wisely from among all species. You might say it is a very Eden-like existence. It is similar to what the Earth will become after the Earth changes have occurred and the Earth has ascended to a 5th-dimensional entity. There will be a time when those who are evacuated will be offered the opportunity to return to Earth as Ascended Beings and to re-colonize the Earth. The Earth will be dramatically improved by that time. And those beings who inhabit the Earth will have the same Ascended Master capabilities as those of us on other planes do now. So there will be no need to have a "good credit rating." You will all have unlimited credit with the Creator. You will all use your credit wisely and responsibly to create manifestations that are in alignment with God's will. It will be automatic with you at that point. So there is no fear of misusing your powers. You will be purified to the extent that you will have no more desire to abuse the privileges that you will be receiving.

Commander Ashtar channeled by Eric Klein in "The Crystal Stair" - Published 1990 & 1992 by Oughten House Publications, P.O.Box 3134, Livermore, CA 94551-3134. ISBN 1-88066-06-5.

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The Original Divine Plan for Earth
from the book "What on EARTH is Going On?"

This recent book by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles provides us with some valuable information on recent developments in Humanity's preparation for Ascension, as seen from the higher Spiritual planes. We give below an excerpt from the book, in this case, focussing on the spiritual/historical background to Earth.

The Original Divine Plan for Earth

"Since no System of Worlds had ever experienced evolving in the denseness of the time and space continuum of a Third Dimensional reality, and since this was the very first time evolving souls would not have access to the full spectrum of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity from their Great Central Sun through the usual Twelve-fold Solar Spine and Chakra System, a brand new plan was devised for the Children of God who were going to evolve on Earth and on the other 48 Planets included in the experiment.

The Seven-fold Planetary Spine and Chakra System of each person reflected the physical octave of color and frequency which we experience in the Rainbow: Root Chakra = red; Central Chakra = orange; Solar Plexus Chakra = yellow; Heart Chakra = green; Throat Chakra = blue; Third Eye Chakra = indigo; Crown Chakra = violet.

The original plan was that we would come into embodiment two times in every 2000-year cycle, once as a male and once as a female. In each cycle we would absorb the full momentum of Light bathing the Planet and develop both the masculine (when we are in a male body) and the feminine (when we were in a female body) polarities of one of our Chakras. We began with the Root Chakra at the base of the spine and worked one by one up to the Crown Chakra of Enlightenment - at the top of the head.

In each embodiment we lived 800 to 900 years, and we retained conscious knowledge of all that we learned from lifetime to lifetime. By the time all seven Chakras were fully developed, we had attained full mastery over the physical plane and learned the lessons of co-creation and Enlightenment.

In the original plan our Earthly sojourn took approximately 14,000 years, and we had 14 embodiments, 7 as males and 7 as females.

When the masculine and feminine polarities of all seven of our Chakras were fully developed, we were ready for the next step of our evolutionary process. We were ready for our Ascension into the Fourth Dimension. Our Ascension into the more rarefied Fourth Dimensional Octaves of Light completed our cycles of rebirth on Earth and began a whole new experience. In the Fourth Dimension we began the development of our Twelve-fold Solar Spine and continued learning greater and greater ways to express our Divinity.

This Divine Plan proceeded without a flaw for many millenia. One Root Race after another, with its various sub-races, came into embodiment, completed the development of its Seven-fold Planetary Spine and its lessons of co-creation and Enlightment, then Ascended into its next school of learning. In the middle of the Fourth Root Race, however, something happened that profoundly and drastically changed the plan on Earth forever.

At that time, the force I spoke of earlier known as "cosmic evil" was desperately trying to find souls whom it could manipulate into releasing negative thought and feeling patterns that would feed it and keep it alive. Since the 49 Planets in our Galaxy that were participating in the experiment were vibrating at an unusually dense frequency, we were much more vulnerable, and it was much easier for the force of "cosmic evil" to access our consciousness.

This negative force, in its cunning and deceptive ways, projected thought patterns into the consciousness of souls evolving on all 49 Planets and tried to confuse and tempt us into experimenting with our gift of life by creating thought patterns and feelings that were not in alignment with God's Will and the Realms of Perfection.

Its efforts were relentless, and on some of the Planets, the force of "cosmic evil" broke through the safeguards and enticed some souls to buy into its plan of deception. Some souls began to create discordant patterns of thoughts and feelings and projected them into the physical planes of their Planets. This negativity began to spread like a plague throughout the land. Other evolving souls became involved and overwhelmed with the negativity, and the physical planes of some of the other Planets in our Galaxy began to spiral into the depths of human miscreation. This reflected as poverty, plagues, pestilence, war, hate, disease, adverse weather conditions, destructive earthquakes, death and all of the horror of "cosmic evil."

At that time, the Earth seemed invincible, and even though other Planets in the experiment were being overwhelmed with the influence of "cosmic evil", the Earth remained pristine and perfect and free from any trace of negativity.

All of the assistance that Cosmic Law would allow was given by the Heavenly Realms to try and free the afflicted Planets from the grip of "cosmic evil", but our sacred gift of Free Will which was intended to be a blessing, became a curse, and the fallen souls were ensnared in the temptations of the flesh. "Cosmic evil" taught the entrapped souls to be black magicians, and they learned how to manipulate energy to control others and perpetuate evil for their personal gain.

As our Father-Mother God observed the plight of our Galaxy, They determined that the experiment was failing and issued a Divine Fiat to breathe the 7 Suns and 49 Planets back into the Fourth Dimension. Preparations were made for a Cosmic Inbreath that would magnetize the Suns and Planets in the Third Dimension into the next Spiral of Evolution...the Fourth Dimension.

Those Sons and Daughters of God who had fallen to the ploy of "cosmic evil" would not be able to withstand the higher frequencies of the Fourth Dimension, so our God/Parents decreed that they would be returned to the Great Central Sun. Nothing is ever completely lost, but if a soul refuses to do what is necessary to ascend into the next octave of learning, s/he is returned to the Great Central Sun, and his/her substance is repolarized for future Systems of Worlds. This means that s/he looses his/her individuality as that particular soul. This is referred to as the Second Death, and it is the most tragic thing that can happen to an evolving "I Am" Presence.


The Holy Christ Selves evolving on Earth and the Spiritual Hierarchy assigned to the Earth were very aware of what was about to happen to the six-billion souls from the other Planets in our Galaxy who had fallen into the grip of "cosmic evil." In an act of unprecedented Compassion and Divine Love, the Human Beings evolving on Earth pleaded with our Father-Mother God to allow the fallen souls to come here to be redeemed. Since the Earth had not been contaminated with the force of "cosmic evil" and the souls evolving here had only experienced the Realms of Light and Perfection, they believed that their Light would be strong enough to transcend the discord of the laggard souls while they were being taught to transmute their negative, miscreated patterns of energy and regain their direction on the path of Light.

No Planet had ever volunteered for such a selfless act of Divine Love. Consequently, even our Father-Mother God didn't know if we were going to be able to pull that off or not. But, whenever there is a powerful expression of Divine Love, Cosmic Dispensations can be granted to balance that love.

As the Cosmic Tone for the Galaxy of Alpha and Omega reverberated throughout the Universe, our Father-Mother God granted permission for the six-billion laggard souls to be transferred to Earth. On one Cosmic Inbreath, all 7 Suns and the remaining 48 Planets were breathed into the next Spiral of Evolution, permanently shattering the grip of "cosmic evil" and freeing them to continue their evolutionary process in the Fourth Dimension. Only the Earth remained in the frequencies of the Third Dimension.

In one mighty stroke, our Father-Mother God transferred six-billion laggard souls to the Inner Temples surrounding the Earth and began preparation for their physical embodiment on this Planet. The God /Parents of our physical Sun, Helios and Vesta, volunteered to project a stepped-down frequency of Sunlight to sustain the Earth in the Third Dimension. They lovingly agreed to embrace us in Their Divine Essence until we could complete our merciful mission of redemption and regain our rightful place with the rest of our Solar System in the Fourth Dimension.

The Earth was originally designed to have four-billion souls evolving here at any one time, both in and out of embodiment. With the coming of the laggards, our numbers were increased to ten-billion evolving souls. This caused a tremendous strain on the Planet, but we were sure, if we persevered, we would be God Victorious.

For over 100 years, the physical bodies of the women on Earth were prepared to begin bringing in the incarnating laggards. Never, in the history of the Universe, has such a sacrifice been made as when the women of Earth volunteered to let the contaminated vehicles of the laggards be conceived into their radiant, pure bodies. Never has there been a more awesome demonstration of Divine Love.

When all was in readiness, the first wave of laggards were conceived by the men and women on Earth who had volunteered to be the parents of these incoming wayward souls. The parents created an atmosphere of Divine Love and awaited the arrival of their recalcitrant sons and daughters with great anticipation and joy.

Initially everything seemed to be working as planned. In the beginning, the Light of the parents was able to balance and transmute the frequencies of discord that emanated from the infants. But, when the laggard children were old enough to start receiving some of their misqualified energy, everything went awry. As the energy that they had misused in their previous lifetimes began returning to them to be transmuted back into Light, thought patterns that conflicted with God's Will began to reflect onto the physical plane of Earth for the very first time. The laggard souls began going through their Karmic lessons and experiencing difficult challenges that gave them an opportunity to experience the results of their previous actions. The people of Earth knew that with the coming of the laggards, challenges were going to occur, but since they had never experienced discord of any kind before, they became confused and even a little curious about the new fragmented energy.

Some of the laggard souls fell back into their old patterns, and instead of healing their pasts, they began enticing souls from Earth to experiment with their creative faculties of thought and feeling. In some instances, the Divine Plan was inverted, and instead of the people from Earth redeeming the laggards, the laggards led the people from Earth astray and tempted them to "partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. " This was the critical turning point on Earth that catapulted us into the depths of human miscreation. Today, after millions of years of writhing in excruciating pain and agony, we are finally at our moment of healing.

It is imperative for us to really understand what happened during the "fall" and the ramifications we experienced as a result of using our Free Will to create thoughts and feelings that conflicted with the Divine Plan on Earth. This will empower us to consciously participate in reversing the adverse effects of that tragic event. It will assist us in regaining our direction as we Ascend into our rightful place in the Universe and claim our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God."

The above excerpt is from "What on Earth is Going On?" by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. Published 1997 by New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc., P.O.Box 41883, TUCSON, AZ 85717 - Fax: 520-751-3835. ISBN: 0-9615287-5-3.

You can obtain copies of the book or contact Patricia Diane Cota-Robles at the above address, or visit her Web site at: The New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
Her E-mail address is eraofpeace@aol.com

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My Journeys Into The Future And The Great Harvest Of Souls
Tom Smith - 1992

"In the channeling of July 15, 1992, the Sun God [of our solar system] mentioned that I and others have traveled into the future. Indeed, I have been privileged to have taken such journeys, and have seen us leave the Earth to live elsewhere. I have seen some of what is ahead for the Earth and humankind. I have been allowed to see the Master Plan in motion. Part of my divine plan is to write and teach the truths. Therefore, I am writing about some of my experiences as I become a part of the transformation of spaceship Earth as she prepares for her final cleansing. Where does each of us go and what is it like when we get there? This is some of what I am about to tell you."

Goodbye To Earth - The Journey Begins

"It is obvious to all of us that it is time to leave. There is no fuss as each of us quietly walks to the meeting place. We have only what we can easily carry in our arms. Most of us have come to realize the true value of "letting things go" and of trusting. There are many of us gathered around talking quietly. We are excited nevertheless, for this is a new experience for us. We don't know exactly what to expect. But it is a subdued excitement. At the same time we are not nervous. There are children and they play, yet our entire demeanor and movement is like a prayerful action, a real life ceremony.

We don't particulary want to leave the Earth since this is our home. We love the Earth. But we also understand the joyful feelings of the Earth as she is very close to taking that big leap into another realm of her own. She is graduating into the 5th dimension. It is necessary for us to honor and respect her desire to do this, and we must leave while she finishes the house cleaning that she must do as final preparation for her new look. We understand. We also realize many will some day return to once again coexist in love and harmony with the Earth. But for now, we are to continue our growth and development on another "Earth planet".

There is much space craft activity, as there has been for the last week or so. Our space friends have been busy with their final preparations to ease our concerns. We have met with our space friends as they explained what is to happen and how we are to be leaving. They are available anytime we need them. They answered all the questions we had. In fact our space friends have encouraged us to talk among ourselves to make certain we understand and have no more questions or concerns. Of course we all have concerns simply because it is a totally new experience. Our parents and teachers have never prepared us for times like these. We are truly the pioneers of new frontiers.

So we have concerns, but each of us seems to accept what is unfolding. Many are really happy with it. There have been so many changes to the Earth that none of us are certain what might happen next. I have been more prepared than most for the Earth changes, but it is not always so easy to watch and feel the cleansing power of the rain, wind, the Earth quaking and poles shifting. You know deep down that these have been necessary for the good of Earth and us as well. However, we still live in the physical and some physical changes are easier to accept than others. Nevertheless, we accept and move on. We all prefer a quieter time, a time when we do not have to worry about the next major change that might affect our living patterns. At the same time most of us have adjusted very well to our new ways of living off the land and helping each other. There is much satisfaction and true sharing in doing this. So we are ready to leave.

There are about 30 of us waiting for the craft to pick us up. I live in a thinly populated area. There are families of us clustered together. This is also the way many of us want to continue on our new planet as soon as this is possible. As the craft quietly comes down for us, we became deadly silent. This is it, goodbye to our Mother Earth. The craft lands close by and our space friends from the Pleiades come out and welcome us aboard. They are filled with such love for us and the Earth. Our small group is of a similar vibration, and we will be going together. Our space friends make us feel very comfortable with their loving ways. We quickly become more upbeat.

Our craft lifts off and in a few moments we are approaching the mother ship, the one that will actually take us on our journey. The mother ship is huge. I do not estimate dimensions well, but I will say it is 10-15 stories high and stretched as far as I can see, at least from my vantage point. It is 10 miles long, I am told, and the equivalent of 20 stories high. "There are others orbiting the Earth as well", say our space friends. The ships have been especially constructed for this great day. This is called the period of the Great Harvest of Souls. Each on the Earth will be taken aboard a similar vessel as the Earth is ready for her graduation. Those who are sensitive to different vibrations remark of joyous vibrations and music coming from the Earth. In fact many of us hear celestial music as it plays in the background. The Earth is not sad to see us leave, as she knows many will return in a relatively short time and live in perfect harmony with her as light-bodied humans.

I do not recall much about our flight to our destination planet. It does not take long. I am told that it could be quicker. The space friends on board are using this time for some teachings and assistance to those who wish to have it. We are given another overview of what to expect when we land. Since most are still used to routines, we are given specific directions on what to do. We are told not to worry about remembering everything, since there will be sufficient opportunities to hear it again when we land.

The Destination Planets

Each of us is taken to a destination planet that relates most closely to our individual vibration. Our space friends easily and instantly determine where each of us belongs. There is absolutely no way to fool them. We just cannot suddenly pretend that we are of a very "high vibration" and a super loving person. We are who we are. Our space friends do not judge us. They simply direct each of us to the appropriate place, and they do so in the most loving way. A person of a lower vibration is not allowed to proceed to a higher vibrational destination. However, a person of a higher vibration may choose to remain in a lower level, in case you wish to remain with another individual, for instance. I did not see this happening, but we were told ahead of time that this would be allowed.

Those wishing to continue their growth, in what is still referred to as the 3rd dimension, are going to a planet occupied by people of similar beliefs. Regardless of what vibration each is, we take with us the same knowledge, wisdom, love, lack of love, and attitudes as we had before our departure. These will neither be enhanced nor avoided due to the move itself. If there is joy in seeing the Sun rise or set, this will not change. If there is hate and prejudice towards others or self, this too will not change, unless we decide to change these ourselves. If there is an attitude and need for material pleasures, this will also be reflected on the new planet.

There is a destination planet for those who are at the 4th dimensional level. These, too, will be given the opportunity to develop in a place where they are free from the vibrations of those in the 3rd and 5th dimensions.

There are also new homes for those who have elevated themselves to the 5th dimensional level and higher. Primarily these consist of those who have very deliberately raised their vibrations as the Earth has raised hers. Included here are those who have agreed to be the seed for those light-bodied humans who will some day return to live in perfect harmony with the planet Earth.

There are inconveniences to most as you would expect under the circumstances, particularly those who have chosen the 3rd and 4th dimensional growth patterns. Those above the 4th are not so much into many of the physical realities of the Earth, so they adjust easier to their new home. Many of the Earth changes have helped prepare us for the kinds of experiences presented to us. Most seem to adjust very quickly to their new home. There is already some housing waiting for us, as well as other structures. All those who are positive and forward thinking quickly set aside their homesickness as soon as they realize the love and friendliness of their new home.

The Third Dimension

In visiting those on the 3rd dimensional planet, I notice how well adjusted and happy the people seem. My perception is that these people are still into their old paradigms, which is alright for them. Despite having made their choice for this move, most were still skeptical about being able to maintain their old belief systems, including religion. However, I see many churches and places of worship already in use. So, it is secure and reassuring to them that those freedoms are to continue. Aside from the separation and loss of possessions, most appear to be seeing this as a very rewarding experience. It is bringing the people together more than they could have imagined. All are not roses since total attitudes have not changed, but many good things are already happening.

There are no obvious differences between this new home and the Earth. The atmospheric conditions are slightly different but everyone has adjusted to these. The air is lighter, much like that at higher elevations of Earth. Most people are still living in the large, wooden community-type buildings, with winding stair cases - very Victorian and quite beautiful. These were already in place when they arrived. By choice, many others have begun moving out into the countryside to establish their own homes. It requires much hard work, but this too, is one of the 3rd dimensional beliefs.

As I move about on the new 3rd dimensional planet, I see green trees, flowers, green grass, birds and hills. It is warm and sunny and the days are about as long as on Earth. As more and more of the "Earth systems" have been implemented, it has become even more like home. Since we left all possessions behind, everyone starts out with the same level of wealth and power. However, it doesn't take long for some to exert themselves in leadership and dominating roles. There are plenty of local, national and international leaders and "government" heads from Earth who have chosen this path as well. So many of these assume their natural roles which seems to please most people. But there is an excellent opportunity to make everyone equal.

The Fourth Dimension

The planet, which is for those who are already in the 4th dimension, is also similar to Earth, but there are some differences. These are not so much in the physical as they are in attitude and in technology. For instance, I am traveling around the city in a vehicle that is powered by solar energy. It is not particularly stylish but is comfortable and has large windows all around. As I listen to one of the radio stations, I am pleasantly surprised to hear upbeat music and a very positive sounding DJ. The songs are pleasant, uplifting but not emotional, and positive in nature. They are happy sounding. Obviously the people have learned the importance of sound, particularly through happy and upbeat music. I have not heard a single sad song, or songs about a lost love.

Except for the hum of a few "vehicle" propulsion engines, the city is quiet. As far as I can tell, the single source of power is from the Sun. The people appear to be happy overall but serious as well. They are at this vibrational level by choice, yet I hear one person questioning his decision to come here, as he thinks of the old days. He is a young, former stockbroker who is trying to find his way in his new home. Perhaps he is a little lonely. I am sure he will soon quit relating to the materialistic ways of old and move into a more deliberate path of light.

The people have become very adept at recognizing a new vibration among them. Without exception, each person comments on my vibration as we meet. Most ask if I am new here. I observe healing by light while touring a "doctors" office. Part of the exam consists of looking into a hand held optical device which produces light patterns. This in turn is correlated to the person's current level of development, with options given for future growth. Although unique to each, the evaluations seem to produce similar results for those of similar vibrations, at least of those I saw. A very caring doctor is also doing some individual light healing with a small light projecting device. There is a sincere interest on the part of this doctor to assist everyone who has asked for his help. The doctor becomes aware of my presence and is somewhat surprised by my visit.

I am told there are other life forms of similar vibration who are also using this as a "staging or phase-in" planet. As with the Humans, they will remain here for as long as they choose, perhaps an entire lifetime, or until they raise their vibrational level to the 5th dimension. I have not seen any of the non-Humans. I am told they will remain in the background until the people have adjusted more to their surroundings. As I understand, this planet is a temporary home for those who choose to continue their growth beyond the 4th dimension. There are no time limits. There are an infinite number of degrees within each dimension, which allows for either slow, quick, or unlimited growth, depending on the individual needs. This is in contrast to the Earth where many levels of vibration were together. This made it more difficult for those on the upper and lowers ends.

The Fifth Dimension and Beyond

There are people on the Earth who are prepared to move into the 5th dimensional level or higher. My journeys included some of these planets but I will not include these at this time. I will say that as our vibration gets higher and higher, our physical bodies begin to change in very subtle ways. Our bodies become lighter and less dense. The amount and type of food and nourishment we require also changes. The physiological changes begin as we move into the 4th dimension and become even more pronounced as we approach the 5th. It is while in the 5th dimension that the transmutation from a more dense physical body to a Light Body occurs. It is not an instant process, though. It is the Light Body that will return to live in peace and harmony with the 5th dimensional Earth. I do not know how long the transmutation process is to take, but it is not long in time-space terms, perhaps 50-150 years. As of this writing, the process has already begun. But it will begin in more earnest as many of the 11-12 year olds of 1992, and younger, have children of their own. These children will mark the direct beginning of a Light-Bodied Human. Each succeeding generation of offspring will be less and less dense in physical terms, and lighter and lighter and of a higher vibration.

Return Visits To Earth

I have returned to Earth on several occasions, and each visit has shown marked change from the first. One visit is soon after the Great Harvest of Souls. Everything is abandoned. It is like a ghost town as depicted in the old wild west movies. I walk into several homes and they are just as they were left. Some still have food on the table. Many refrigerators are filled with food. It is all spoiled as there is no electrical power. The impression is that everyone was prepared to leave when the time came, and there was no fanfare or attempts to exert unnecessary energies towards things that were not to be taken.

On another visit, the final cleansing process had begun. From above but close to the Earth, I can see the destruction of all human made constructions. Most of the large or tall buildings have already been leveled by many of the previous Earth changes. Now I see great slabs of concrete roadways and bridges being churned up by unseen forces. Intense heat or other types of energies are being applied that literally dissolve and break these down into a more naturally accepted state. These then are to become a part of the surrounding nature. Our space friends are assisting with the cleansing efforts. As I move across the countryside, I see craft hovering over the different structures. They are applying energy beams that disintegrate the objects. I am told that nothing is lost. These disintegrated objects are converted into another form of energy that can either be utilized within the Earth's atmosphere, or that will dissipate into space beyond Earth. Chemicals harmful to the Earth and radioactive materials are being neutralized and rendered harmless. It was now easy to understand why it was necessary for us to leave the planet while the cleansing takes place.

The Light-Bodied Humans that return to Earth will have no need of the Human-made physical structures. They will travel by thought and will not have need of a physical transportation system. Their energy field will be self regulated, so there will be no need for shelter. The efforts of the Earth and space friend energies are directed in the most loving way to return the Earth to a place of natural beauty. It is to be a beauty that will support the vibration of a 5th Dimension Planet, a Planet of clean, fresh air and clean waterways. It is to be a Planet with brilliant snow-white poles and contrastingly beautiful forests.

The final visit finds a Mother Earth that is of breathtaking beauty. As I approach her, I can see a clear, well defined, uninterrupted auric field. Beneath her aura is an atmosphere of rich clean air. Missing are the gases and pollutants of the 3rd Dimensional Human era. The countryside is covered with lush green trees, beautiful bushes and ground covers, and multicolored wild flowers of all descriptions. The waters are flowing in a rhythmic fashion and are clean, sparkling and spring like clear. The musical notes of happy vibrations are everywhere as a reflection of total planetary harmony. There is the echo of love - seen, heard and felt - as the Earth, the Mother of all this planetary life, and the many life systems are all at one. It is a physical beauty that was only dreamed of before the Great Harvest. Mother Earth has become even more loving, fresh looking, radiant and beautiful. She is ready to welcome home those humans who have been readying themselves for this time. A giant homecoming is being prepared as this Mother has much love she wishes to share.

Tom Smith

Tom H. Smith, of Louisville, Kentucky, passed away in Dec. 1994.

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What DO we take with us
when we board the Spaceships and leave our Earthly home?

"We take nothing physical except ourselves.
And we take our ideals, personal and collective.
We take the experience of successes on which to build,
and we take the memories of failures we would not want to repeat.

This is the Address that might be given to Earth's people on board the spacecraft as they plan for their return:

Emigrants from Britain and Europe crossing the Atlantic some 200 years ago were in much the same situation as that in which we now find ourselves. They were heading for a New World, a clean canvas; they were taking with them successful ideals, social systems and technologies which had been developed in the old world; and they were also taking with them memories of failures which they would not want to repeat in their New World.

We too are heading for a New World - a cleansed and rejuvenated planet - a clean canvas. We too bring with us a high level of technological development, and fundamental concepts of law, order and justice. We too have in our minds memories of our major failures.

Environmentally, we recall most vividly the planetary pollution, the city traffic and clogged freeways; and we recall, let us hope with the deepest shame, the way we treated our fellow lifeforms in the animal kingdom.

In terms of economy and commerce, we have developed a high level of invention and productive efficiency. Our major problem has been the spirit of confrontation which pervaded relationships, between managements and employees, between producer and consumer. Our method of establishing pay and prices by disputation, with everyone trying to get more, gave rise to continuous inflationary pressure which could only be held in check by permanent unemployment, resulting in personal stress and wasted talent, and the need for government-sponsored welfare programs.

Politics is about relationships - relationships between people, between people and other lifeforms, between people and the planet on which we live, relationships in community, in work and commerce. How have our politics and politicians responded to these challenges?

Our politics had become less a forum for making laws, more a money merry-go-round. Government was taking anything up to 50% of the nation's income and redistributing it in a multiplicity of programs. The people's representatives were influenced by campaign contributions, and the people themselves looked on government, less as a source of law and order, more as a source of programs without regard as to how they would be financed. The democratic, majority-rule process was used largely to further individual or sectional interests.

And yet we were not insensitive to the shortcomings of our governing process. Though democracy had become accepted as the best system yet developed, a Gallup Poll conducted in 1995 found that 61% of Americans believed that democracy could not survive without a widespread belief in a God of some kind. In other words, government and social relationships must be guided by higher moral principles.

What are the "higher moral principles" on which we can base our new political and social order?

Politics is about relationships - relationships between people, between people and other lifeforms, between people and the planet on which we live. The Higher Laws of Relationships are many, but they are based on one single Law, namely that whatever we may choose to do, we should do nothing which is harmful to others - be they our fellow people, other lifeforms, or the planetary being on which we make our home. This is the Eternal Law of social conduct instinctively familiar to us all. It requires that in our personal relationships, in business and commerce and in our use of natural resources, we respect others as we would have others respect us. It is the Law of Mutual Respect.

With the guidance of this one single and apparently simple Law, every detail of our political and social life would fall into place.

Guided by the Law of Mutual Respect we would share resources equitably and use them wisely.

We are heading for a New World, a newly cleansed planet. We need to live on her surface, we need to use her resources; but we can resolve and plan NOW to do so with a much greater respect than we have shown in the past. Our homes and communities must be a pleasure to live in, yet should be sparing in their occupation of the planet's surface. Our transportation must be on a shared basis, non-pollutive and likewise sparing in its land-use. In exchange for our use of Nature's resources we should give back our care and husbandry. And we must learn to communicate with and to collaborate with other lifeforms on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

Guided by the Law of Mutual Respect we would work and trade honestly and fairly.

We will naturally continue to use our inventiveness to provide for ourselves a high standard of living. But our working relationships must be based on collaboration, not confrontation. We will work and produce for others with the same care and enthusiasm as if we were working and producing for ourselves.

Pay and prices will be based, not on argument and confrontation, but on a fair system of evaluation whereby remuneration and price both reflect work contributed. This in turn provides the monetary stability which will make possible permanent full employment without inflation, thus giving everyone the opportunity to work and contribute to the fullest extent of their desires and capabilities.

Guided by the Law of Mutual Respect in our personal relationships we will naturally respect the lives and legal property of one another and of other lifeforms. And in our relationship with "government" we will not be subject to arbitrary or oppressive laws and regulations.

The Law of Mutual Respect becomes our source of guidance in daily contacts with others; its application to the detail of everyday life provides our legislation. This promotes a totally new kind of government: government which serves and is subservient to the Law itself. Legislation becomes the interpretation of a Higher Law, without opportunity for arbitrary regulation, and without the danger of oppression. With legislators both obligated and limited by a Higher Law, neither individual nor government would be permitted to harm, exploit or oppress others in the pursuance of their peaceful activities and aspirations.

With the universal observance of the Law of Mutual Respect, in a new era of cooperation, liberty, leisure and prosperity, we can begin to concentrate on the development of that inherent spirituality of which in our immediate past we were only dimly aware.

Michael Sartorius

For more details on the Laws and the Governance of the New Earth in the New Age: LAW & Governance in the New Age

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