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In the New Age a more enlightened humanity will express not mutual aggression but mutual respect for the lives of others and for the whole of Creation. This attitude of mutual respect is reflected in the Principle of Non-Injury, which states simply that "we should all be free to do whatever we like, as long as we do nothing which harms or infringes the liberty of others". This is politics for the New Age.

Although the term New Age is often applied to the range of new thought and lifestyle, the new perspectives which are manifesting at this time, it is also understood by many that the New Age has yet to come, with present trends working towards that ultimate goal. Some see the New Age coming through the changes and evolutionary progress we make ourselves; some see the New Age as following major earth changes in combination with a step-up in human evolutionary development; yet others see the New Age in combination with the Second Coming of Christ. But all share in common the vision of a better world, a world in which people with higher motivation live in greater harmony with one another, the planet, and all life forms. In this future vision, do we need politics and government?

Many who aspire to New Age conduct will undoubtedly approach the very subject of politics with reluctance, recalling only too vividly to mind the many problems and conflicts of present-day life which governments seem unable or unwilling to rectify despite their escalating costs of operation.

Yet politics must nevertheless play a vital role, for even when there is a fundamental goodwill between all people and an accepted respect for the planet, an absence of planning can result in the same urban chaos we experience today; and even with the best will in the world, people still need laws as standards of guidance in preserving personal liberty and ensuring fair trade.

What sort of politics will serve the New Age?

The answer to this question is not as remote as it might seem. The "right answer" has always been with humanity since its most primitive days, but self-centeredness blinded us to its virtues and prevented us from embracing it. In the light of a higher vibration rate and a New Age, the right answer will be clear to us, and one simple rule will give all the guidance needed.

In the New Age, in a world of universal goodwill, there can be no imposition upon one living being by another, no interference in the life and evolution of one by another. Whatever we may choose to do, we should do nothing which is harmful to, or interferes with others. Grow without diminishing others; prosper without impoverishing others; respect others, as you would have others respect you. This is the Principle which guides those on higher levels, and this Principle too will guide human affairs and conduct on the New Earth.

With this one single rule mankind will share resources fairly whilst observing the rights of Nature herself; we will respect the peace, privacy and property of one another; and trade will be honest and fair as each seeks to serve not exploit others, giving fairly for goods and services received, asking a fair price for goods and services rendered.

“Pursue your path of evolution; enjoy your life; improve your lifestyle and facilities for yourself and those who depend upon you; create, and be creative. But never do so in any way which may injure, harm or diminish others, be they your fellow humans, other life forms, or the planet.”

Observance of this simple rule, the Principle of Non-Injury, will ensure justice, peace and prosperity for all.

It is a rule we may observe right now if we so wish, either in personal conduct, or as a guiding policy for government.

Can the complexities of life over which government must legislate be guided solely by this one simple principle? Yes indeed. And the results, though often surprising, will always provide workable solutions. Permanent full employment, stable money, honest trade, a clean and respected environment, towns and cities that work and are a pleasure to live in, maximum personal liberty... these and many other benefits accrue when we base our political decisions on the Principle of Non-Injury, on mutual respect.

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