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Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth

Earth's Ascension and the coming Earth Changes: Planet Earth and Humanity are rapidly approaching a time of significant Earth Changes as part of an ending of a major Evolutionary Age for all inhabited worlds within our Universe. Those who are prepared for "Ascension" are already in the process of moving up from our present Third Dimensional physical world on Planet Earth to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions in preparedness for the coming of the necessary Earth cleansing Changes. The following trilogy of THE NEW EARTH Books 1-3, available as free downloads - as are the many other related books listed below - together supply a comprehensive resource of information, explanation, and encouragement towards preparing for our Ascension to an uplifted and rejuvenated New Earth.


Book I begins with a complete survey of the creation by the Cosmic Creator of our Grand Universe and its millions of worlds and the great Celestial Hierarchy that created our own Planet Earth/Urantia - knowledge which was first handed down to us by Celestial sources in 1934 in "The Urantia Book". Book I also deals with further esoteric knowledge on the subjects of Evolution, Karma and Reincarnation, and helps to clarify many of the questions and dilemmas facing evolving Humanity on this challenging Planet today. It lays a background foundation for a full understanding of the purpose and significance of the Earth Changes to come.

1:  The Creation of our Grand Universe
2:  The Creation of Planet Earth/Urantia
3:  Free Will, Karma and Morality
4:  Vibration and Density
5:  Our Higher Self and Twin Souls
6:  The Learning Planet
7:  Death and Review
8:  Birth and Growth
9:  Ascending to Unity
10: The Cleansing of Darkness & The Return to Light

Deutsche Übersetzung: 'DIE NEUE ERDE' - Buch 1: Das Hohere Wissen


Book II begins by bringing together the many prophecies, both historical and contemporary, of the major "Earth Changes" predicted to follow our entry into the "New Age of Aquarius" after 2012. This is reinforced by geological evidence of past upheavals, with an explanation of their deeper significance as part of a Higher Plan for the present ending of a Major Universal Age of evolutionary development, in which all of Humanity must move up a step in vibrational level. Now is a time of personal choice. Some will move up with Earth to the Fourth or Fifth Dimensional/vibrational plane, while others not yet ready to move up from their present Third Dimensional dense physical level must begin a new evolutionary cycle elsewhere. The important supportive role of our extraterrestrial "Space Brothers" invisibly surrounding us with their great Fleet of Motherships along with their smaller Scout Craft, better known to us as "Flying Saucers", is thoroughly explained. In Chapter 10 there are many astounding and inspiring "Channeled Messages" relating to these coming "Earth Changes" channelled from the Galactic Federation and other Ascended Masters, and Chapter 11 gives us much significant background History and important information about our Milky Way Galaxy in the Galactic Federation's ongoing "Plan for Earth's Ascension".

Introduction to the Coming Changes
1: Ancient Prophecies
2: A History of Upheaval
3: Prophets of Our Time
4: Cleansing Planet Earth
5: The Higher Plan
6: Time for Choice
7: The Flying Saucers
8: Home on a Mothership
9: Planning a New World
10: Messages and Updates from the Galactic Federation
11: Galactic Federation Earth Ascension Plan
12: The Photon Belt and the "Stasis Plan"

Deutsche Übersetzung: 'DIE NEUE ERDE' - Buch 2: Die Veränderungen der Erde


presents a vision of life on the "New Earth", our Planet cleansed and rejuvenated, inhabited now by a more spiritually enlightened and higher dimensional Human Race. Book III takes the reader on a gentle tour of a typical community in the New Age from the countryside to the central city. Descriptions of housing and transport, urban living, work and recreation, relationships with animals and the environment are combined with functional detail on the New Age economic, political and administrative systems.

1: Memories of "The Ark"
2: A New Geography
3: A Rural Ride
4: Exploring a Hilltown
5: Home on a Created Hillside
6: Growth and Learning
7: Work and Economics
8: The County Center
9: The Rewards of Leisure
10: Politics and Participation

Deutsche Übersetzung: 'DIE NEUE ERDE' - Buch 3: Leben im Neuen Zeitalter"

Lawrence & Michael Sartorius
[First published on the Internet: March 1996]

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